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The time for change has arrived Eyrda!

Thyon - EyrdaThyon - Eyrda Posts: 1 Arc User
edited August 2011 in Eyrda (PvP East)
Hello, people of Eydra, I am please that you could join me today to discuss the issues that are affecting our nation.

In the recent month's it has become evident that the powers that be have presented us with a world full of social and fiscal disjustice. I have decided to hold this forum to discuss the problems and probable soultions we must take in order to avoid a crisis of global proportions.

Part 1: The Economy Currency:

The first issue I would like to touch on is the problem caused by the 3 currencies that operate simultaneously within our economy. The major issue is with Mercury coins and Soul coins, and I would like to go into detail about each one.

Mercury Coin: The currency that Mercury creates out of thin air to trade worthless commodities serves to only inflate the Gold Based currency most commonly used throughout Eydra. You can't create gold out of thin air without consequences, and Mercury seems to have the power to do this at will to pay their debts to you the player. No one gives them money; they deal in monopoly money. Their trades runs are nothing but a game to entertain Christopher and his crowd of supporters.

The Midas' Touch quests are the real problem, however. The ability to create money out of thin air only defaces our legitimate currencies. This in turn inflates the prices of everyday commodities like weapons and gator soup. Inflation is only leads to economic downfall, this outcome is unacceptable.

Soul Coins: The Soul Coin, similar in concept to paper money, is destined to fail. Soul currency has no real value, as it is not backed up by real gold. Soul Gold is a tool of the corporations that operate within Eyrda, they pay you for your hard work with money that has no true value, it is value is only want the people running the show tell you it is. It has no real value, it is just a tool to prevent competition with the powers that be, a form of Corpritist Regulation. It is nearly impossble to get anywhere in Eydra's economic system because of this fake currency.

The Solution: A return to a true gold standard. If you were givin actual gold when you did a quest your chances of success in Eydra would increase dramaticly. Gold has always been a reliable currency, why should we bother with corrupt, inconsistant currency? The big government and corporate leaders (General Sutherland, Henry, and the like) will oppose this change to the grave, but we must make a change or all is doomed.

Another serious problem with the economy is the ability to create assets out of thin air, the Cash Shop is the cause of this problem; an uneven playing feild is not the way of a free market economy. You shouldn't be able to create wealth and power out of thin air, it hurts legitimate entrepreneurs, because it is impossible to compete with someone who has the ability to sell items for far less than their actual value and make a large profit.

The Solution: Make Cash Shop items bound, this would get rid of the wealth and power created by this process immediatly. Of course itmes like the Mercury will have to be made availble by regular means; they shouldn't be a Cash Shop item anyway.

Part 2 The Economy Guilds:

The guild used to be system of tradition and principle. That is not the case today in Eyrda. The Top Guilds run the show, often in bed with those in power (power obtained through an unfair system). They have something very close to an oligopoly, the few on top control the whole system. They get the members, beause they have the guild bases, and others can't get guild bases to compete because they can't get members. This is not reminicient of a free market, this system is just another example of Copritism, the system benefits them and they benefit the system. Sadly we are the ones that suffer. The area system has the same problem sadly, those on top benefit and everyone else goes nowhere.

Another example of how the system works for top tier guilds is the process of accquiring a guild base. The process is over regulated, and thus it performs in a way beneficial only to the big names. To get a guild base you have to wait for their to be enough people with enough contribution, and then you have to bid for one at extremly high prices because the people in power control the supply. They keep the supply low, the price high; they keep you and me down like this, and they aren't even subtle about it.

The Solution: Firstly, stop taxing zeal, the tax of zeal need to be eliminated, it's basically a tax for being weak. The whole zeal system can be whiped from the table honestly, as contribution accomplishes what an untaxed zeal would. Second, we need to have a set price for guild bases and we should not have to wait until we are a certain level to accuire one. This eliminates issues of base related lack of competition involving member acquisition; it also eliminates the absurd prices created by bidding wars over a single guild base. Thirdly, we need to cut taxes on guild bases, this is a game not a part time job, people shouldn't have to work night and day to keep their guild base, the guild base tax is just anti-fun. Finally, the arena system is broken, this is an issue that can only be fixed by cutting it at the root, which is the cash shop, as mentioned earlier, it gives people power out of nowhere.

Part 3 Social and Moral issues:

This section will largly focus on war, but I would also like to touch on the marriage system. I will begin with war however.

The interventionalist policies in Eyrda are the cause of all the hatred and violence aimed their way. We interfere and murder countless people and creatures, and for what? Honestly I don't know, the quests given to us often make no sense. The answer in Eyrda seems to be pretty clear though, "kill kill kill." Is there really no other solution besides mass murder and genocide to solve global issues? Have we even tried talking to our enimies? At least half the quests given to be are to kill 25 of this creature, and then 25 of some other creature or being. This is cruel, and immoral. At the very least give us a choice, if I don't want to kill 50 griffins for no other reason than to impress some guy in a bar, there should be alternative options.

The Solution: Less violent solutions of problems faced in our quests. Violence is not always the answer, is it? This is supposed to be a role playing game after all right? Let us play our role, and not have it dictated to us.

Now, the marriage system, other than being a scam, is discriminatory to those of less traditional taste. Marriage because two women or two men should not be written off just because it upsets a few people. We need to learn to embrace people from all different walks of life, people that have different ideas on love and marriage. I believe that allowing **** marriage will benefit both the players of Forsaken World and the game creators of the game. Revolutionary ideas are what make you stand out. So make a stand, send a message, legalize **** marriage.

Part 4 Conclusion:

Our financial and civil liberties are denied to us by those in power, and if we don't take a stand nothing will change. We need to stand for a complete revamping of the system, because as it stands right now, Eyrda will be just another nation left in the dust. If we rise up and speak out voice, change can happen, we just have to make it happen. Let your voice be heard! Start a revolution today!
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  • Chimera - EyrdaChimera - Eyrda Posts: 76 Arc User
    edited July 2011
    a sum up for the lazy people please?

    if you're complaining about currency it is fine as it is

    you just need time to get used to it
  • Yin - EyrdaYin - Eyrda Posts: 533 Arc User
    edited July 2011
    This game honestly has the worst currency system ever, all tradeable money is from the cash shop.

    Puts too much power in the hands of cash shoppers (who always have the most anyways) and the GMs ridiculous weekly cash shop whims that randomly destroy the economy.
  • nightwolf200nightwolf200 Posts: 3,073 Arc User
    edited July 2011
    uh mercury currency is useless outside of trade runs so getting rid of it is dumb.

    the 2 ACTUAL currencies keep from bots farming mobs for gold.

    soul gold isn't useless you use it for buying from npcs and used to upgrade your gear as it is easier to get then real gold unless you want to waste 10+ ACTUAL gold to upgrade gear you'll toss once you get even better gear.
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  • gotankzgotankz Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited July 2011
    /delete post and quit the game, thanks.
  • DBag - EyrdaDBag - Eyrda Posts: 49 Arc User
    edited July 2011
    Either a very elaborate joke, or someone hasn't been outside for awhile.

    Either way, you've wasted your time writing this. Thankfully, i didn't waste much time skimming through it.
  • Phyyrus - EyrdaPhyyrus - Eyrda Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited July 2011
    a sum up for the lazy people please?

    if you're complaining about currency it is fine as it is

    you just need time to get used to it

    The sum up is that Requiem are bitching because they don't have enough active members to get enough zeal/cont/money to get a guild base :p Besides, Thyon has never been that smart to begin with XD
  • gravalaxgravalax Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited July 2011
    niecely put :P

    but honestly, as the system currently stands it is leaps and bounds ahead in fairness when u compare it to all the other PWE games.

    PW's economy is a joke, no real useable coin can be acquired until lvl 100, and then in order to farm well u need exceptional gear. impossible for a player who hasnt played the game for years, or hasnt spent $500+

    JD. an even bigger joke, virtually no economy and requires CSing from day 1 (unless u want to spend 6 months getting to the endgame).

    in FW, u can actually farm ingame with ease the items and currency needed to refine to +5. with a bit of luck u can get enough star cystals to get some decent gear to +6 without spending a penny. at 40+ u gain access to GL, a good way to farm the gems u need or make some coin. NC, decent coin if u do it every time, or can be used to get lots of recharging star shards.

    yes, it requires work, but at least working pays off. no amount of hard work pays off in the long standing PWE games.

    its a much better system, particularly because gold coin is only neccessary for advanced activities. as said, u can get enough coin from NC and farming GL to get the basic lvl gems u need, enough recharging star shards and soul coin to refine 40+ gear from daily quests.

    this is afterall a free to play mmo, and a PWE one at that. to expect the economic system NOT to favour CSers is a little niave. if it didn't, why would a CSer pay a penny? at least here hardwork does pay off. it may change in the future, and FW may end up with a train wreck eco like the other PWE games, but as it stands its the best one by miles.
  • Goldenrice - EyrdaGoldenrice - Eyrda Posts: 14 Arc User
    edited July 2011

    shadup and get laid.
  • Fhaze - EyrdaFhaze - Eyrda Posts: 251 Arc User
    edited July 2011
    This is a Free to Play game. Of course CSer's generally have an advantage over others because, well, they pay for it. Deal with it. Soul gold actually become extremely useful while refining items and buying things from NPC's.

    ..And this game's economy is like heaven compared to some.

    Real gold is actually fairly easy to come across, without the use of the cash shop. NC, and selling materials and other items can really go a long way.

    And as for your Part 3..
    Seriously dude? seriously? You're complaining about lifestyles in a game?

    Moral ethics of killing in a game centered around fighting.. lool. Do you want an option to become friends with the monsters or something?

    I think you need to get out more bruh.. *Brofist*
  • zbzkdazbzkda Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited July 2011
    It can be trying at times, but never give in to evil!
    I seriously wonder: people who don't RPK, if you play the board game "Sorry!" and you roll the dice so that you land on an opponents piece and send it back to the beginning, do you sincerely apologize and ask everyone if you can have a do-over roll so you can give your victim another chance? It's a god damn game..

  • Loosifah - EyrdaLoosifah - Eyrda Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited July 2011
    Wow I can't believe I actually took the time to read through most of this....

    Thyon seriously needs to go get laid.
  • Stiig - EyrdaStiig - Eyrda Posts: 70 Arc User
    edited August 2011
    Either a very elaborate joke, or someone hasn't been outside for awhile.

    Either way, you've wasted your time writing this. Thankfully, i didn't waste much time skimming through it.

    ^What DirtBag said.. I mean Dbag..
  • olbetsyolbetsy Posts: 69 Arc User
    edited August 2011
    zbzkda wrote: »
    What is this I don't even...

    Yeah, we know, Revaia, you don't know how to read.

    You should come back to Onibaku so we can kick you out all over again.
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