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The move is useful in pvp, more specifically i've been messing around in duels with it. One thing i noticed is how great it is at inflicting burst damage real fast...

Think about it...

My extreme snipimg does a bit more than MFB so with 2-3 orbs of wrath (required to be effective, more if you have less than 1700 attack. However ignore that vs mages, that battle is a all of nothing base wrath battle always unless they ice shield) i would be doing 6-7k each hit so the foe would take 12-14k damage.. Now lets look at it the enemy eyes

"boom 6-7k damage + stunned .. boom another 6-7k damage.. Now got out of stun" anyone would be like... Oh dear god!!! And to top of off you can soul snipe after to stun again...

This mainly is best for killing HEALERS!!! As they are too busy not hitting/stunning you.

This is the general combo against classes that can stun you

Soul snipe > extreme snipe (cancel if soul snipe didn't stun, sucks if you lag) > mind flaying bullet > soul snipe > finisher move (if alive)

Now i've had times i stunned someone with both soul snipes and it was just amazing how much damage i didn't take.

Seriously, its an amazing combo but you need hp to take hits.

One thing note is its best effectiveness is against priests and blood vamps~

Once you got enough wrath to be doing 2/5 HP damage with MFB on them you just extreme snipe > MFB > Soul snipe and they should be dead by soul snipe, but soul snipe as a stun in case they survive. It really works well cause they take extreme damage in 2 seconds from extreme sniping > MFB and to top it off they are stunned in the process.

Now this isn't foolproof and i know there are ways around it.. I definally know them but using extreme sniping after a stun with soul snipe gives someone 3 seconds to do something about it or they will take an extreme burst of damage.

Oooh the power of extreme sniping > mfb > soul snipe > burst of rage.. Sounds so amazing

Anyways, i'm not done, there is one more point left, the best part of this burst of damage, is damaging so quickly the opponent did not use his life saving moves. A lot of people save them (rocky, divine uphold, etc) for when they are in danger... Using extreme sniping > mfb > soul snipe is a great way to bypass someone trying to save it... Most of the their reaction is "holy **** my HP just pummeled"

It definally shakes people up and is great mind blowing burst of damage.

It just takes proper setting up.

Lastly, be smart, pay attention to what the other class can do to you. Getting stunned out of extreme sniping is a demoralizing blow.

Warriar: keep track of their charge cooldown. Always have distance as they have a crit stun.

Protector: racial stun sucks when used, but their stun has a 12 or 15 second cooldown, so after they do their 2.5 second twirling (opener usually) keep track of the time.

Mage: they can transform but then that means you get fully healed. Its more helpful to you to be healed

Priest: rebel can stun but low chance.. Just wait for the triple strike just in case. Elf glacial can stun, low chance but thats why you soul snipe first so they heal instead of attack. Human glacial willl have to rely on interupting you. Careful of theor ice bound that can causen interuptions from beong striked. Divine is simple to set up, just don't do it on their shield.

Marksman: lol, i just want to say, i dueled a marksman who loved to abuse the range buff of extreme sniping that he tried to do it on me but i just extreme sniped first. 6 second cooldown soul snipe makes it a no go usually.

Vampire: inferno deals damage fast so you must stun with soul snipe. Blood you don't need a stun with soul snipe but its nice. Dark you'll never get it off on them. Just be happy you can get damage out when you aren'y stunned/silenced/forever.. All vamps have a certain bind/stun move that you will have to use your racial to break if there are orbs around

Bard: they can sleep but bards are easy fodder without extreme sniping. Maybe a light bard it'll be useful if they have strong heals and alot of HP. Water bards actually are tough now o.o; you must stun them now

Assassin: ;-; interupt knife, only use ranged and AFTER they throw their knife. It can be an advantage if they start saving their knife to interupt extreme sniping.

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    That's really interesting, thank you for sharing I honestly learned a lot about pvp, given I play a pve server, but that just makes arena a tad bit nicer....

    tbh, I always though extreme sniping was a no-go due to long cast time, but stunning before is an amazing idea.... lol
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    ty for help... now i know what to do when i am a high enuff lvl to do PvP