Lv.28 The Missing Soldier Quest is missing help!!

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So I found the Chained Drifting w/e and i put the potion on him, and he literally 3 shotted me. Idk why i have 4k hp and geared decently lvl 28. I now went back to kill him, which i did. Nothing happened. After I rezzed the quest was missing. So I went back to get a potion from the guy and it just says See You.

What do I do? I like this game a lot but do not want to restart from lvl 1-30 (quest chain).

Anyway to get it back?

This is my first time on the forums and on the game(3 days in game) So thanks for the help.

<3 to you all that help! :)
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  • IMBALANZE - Lionheart
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    you can abandon the quest and do it again...

    what's the quest progress now? check the log and see what you must do
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    My guess is that since you died the quest failed, this quest is chained so you will have to begin again from the beginning.
    But check your quest log, no the resumen that appears in the quest track if not press Q and read what comes next sometimes there are more details there, but I am almost sure you will have to start the chain again.
    Good luck.
  • Uixamiphac - Storm Legion
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    As Duncandarkhart said, you probably did fail the quest. Thus you have to restart from the very beginning since this is a special quest. Maybe ask help from a priest to heal you since you got 3 shot KOed.