EPIC heals/Crits

Alyssian - Illyfue
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POST HERE- The most epic heal, the most epic crit damage, or something that makes you go WOW!

Here's mine=dealt 15K worth of damage ^_^

I know it pales in comparison to some, but O_o


Look in message thingy.
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  • flam3wak3
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    i'll post a screenshot next time i get a chance. 22k Frost concentration and a 14k LoS heal. As for main heals i can hit 20k heal crits
  • Ferrad - Lionheart
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    I've posted this before in an older post was 22k+ crit heal but that was at lvl 59 am 63 now and best crit heal now is over 26k will try to get a new screeny and post