Real Time Strategy games - are they still being played?

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Hi guys,

I'm a big fan of RPGs in general - that's my favorite genre! I find that there are two genres that are not as "popular" nowadays - fighting games and real time strategy games. I like Tekken, but it seems that in fighting games, there's no real "WOW" when it comes to innovations, nothing that shakes you and makes you drop your jaw in amazement.

When it comes to Real Time Strategy games that are browser-based... Have any of you guys ever played Travian? What do you think about the game? I've been told it's pretty popular and quite interesting as well. Seems like it's pretty popular in Europe, but less so in Asia. I only heard about it recently, from a friend in North America.

I did a bit of snooping into the Real Time strategy genre, looking more at browser-based games, and I found a decent game review at Massively Joystiq and I decided to give the game a whirl.

I used to think stat-heavy games were all calculations and low on the fun factor, but Illyriad is on the slower side, and you don't need to constantly watch your back,so it's very relaxed, but in-depth as well. It's just my first week though, but at least I'm still okay with it.

Has anyone tried the Real Time Strategy game called Travian as well, or maybe both, and how do they compare? Any pointers for games like this? Good or bad experiences you have with these games? Am thinking of joining Travian and see whether it interests me. First time trying these sort of games - don't think they're as cool as MMORPGs, but just wondering whether I could branch out and give other genres a try.

Oh, and I always get dizzy when playing FPS!So that's not a genre I can try!
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    Nope, they bore me. Although FPS are really funnnn XD.
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    I'm not sure Travian is RTS. But anyways, never tried it, so don't know about it.

    About RTS's, I love them. Played a lot, from Dune to StarCraft II. So if you talking about that kind of games, then yes, I think they are very fun. For both types of players who like to build things and destroy things. After all, you need to build your army to destroy your enemy.
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    I don't know if i want to call browser based strategy games RTS at all. They're very different from the "real" ones.

    I love RTS games. Not the browser ones, but the classic ones. Like the older parts of the Command & Conquer series, Dune 2000, Dawn of War, Warcraft 3, Starcraft. You really should try these.
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    I've been constructing an RPG my friends can play. But it hasn't been sucessful in the making since most of the maps i make end up crashing the program.

    Screen shot of one of the maps:

    This was the first map I ever constructed and I had a friend make the monsters hard as hell to kill >.<

    Anyways I stopped about a week ago because I got tired of the program crashing u.u