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Here be the list of player made guides for Forsaken World.

If you have created a guide please post a link to your thread and I will add it to the list. Thank you.

UPDATE: We would like to keep all guides on the forums as much as possible. If you require assistance in copying your guide to the forums feel free to PM me and I will help transfer your text with proper credit/link going back to your original.

NOTE: Some guides may be outdated and/or the creator no longer is active. If so, feel free to make an updated guide and I will replace it accordingly.

Beginner's Guide to the Forsaken World by redwingpixie
Don't Set Your Group Up for Failure by tojupi
Healing 101 by deathbunny
A Few Things About Instances by chaosheart27
Guilds: The Basics by zaxzia
Dealing with Priests by solartide

Special Quest Guide (level 20 - 30) by sevo

Daily Events
Daily Quest Guide by sunshine13
Knowledge Quiz Cheat Sheet by deathbunny

Lost Lighthouse Guide by sevo
Creekbank Valley Guide by zankou OUTDATED
Tanking / General Guide for Arena of Souls by ihazcookies
Guide: Fort Khoaway by Tsukiyo - Storm Legion
Nightmare Carnival by Umther - Storm Legion

Basic Bard Guide by deathbunny
The Lightning Mage for Beginners by inscrutable

The Ultimate Job Guide by cashholder11
Forsaken World Jobs 101 by MzTeacake - Eyrda

World Boss Spawn by lacusyamat0
Just a Few Tips & Suggestions (Gold and Crafts) by friedfrenzy5
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