lvl 28 how to lvl up faster?

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my main quest line says come back at lvl 30
did all special quests
did all daily dungeons gt and 5 fr and 5 ec
so what is left to do after this like 100 casual npc quests?
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    nothing for the day, so go out and enjoy a day in the park whilst waiting for the server to reset and give your dailies back.
    GOT this title as Storm downtime compensation
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    spam up GT till you get 3 of them, then get a lionheart from some guildies.
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    Wow seriously if you play so much that you ahve run out of things to do, its time to use the internet for whats its designed for. Go download movies and watch clips your mother would punish you for or if you want to do something proper, just watch hentai.
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    God's Trial. Enough said
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    I know you said daily's but just to clarify some:

    Make sure to do your 10 Henry's a Day
    Make sure to do your Lucky Quest every day
    (Don't Remember when it becomes available) Make sure to do your 3 Rosemason Quest
    Make sure to do your Guild Quest (if in a guild)
    Make sure to do your Guild Base Quest (if in a guild with a base)

    Side note: Not Nesc but can help.
    If your not using your computer, say your at work, set your character up to pray/train if you want. When doing this visit your Reputation Merchant (ie Sophia, Alain, Gronny) Based off the reputation you currently have you can buy packages that give you Lotus and Double exp buff. These can be used once a day and the length depends on your reputation level. At reputation 5, mine last currently for 2hours and give's me 4 hours worth of Lotus. At 40, for those two hours I get 1500k ish exp every minute.

    You can also do the daily in Towerpush in Sea of Oblivion that is along the dock. It is repeatable 10 times. While this doesn't net a lot of experience it will net you various items to use at 40 when you can purchase mastery / resistance increases for your character.

    These are a few things I have found that have helped with leveling for me.
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    also you can press U and go to the quest tab where there are dailys, subquests, and stuff that you can do besides the normal Henrys rigamarole. Also cooking, alchemy, and pet tutorial...

    Inferno <3