Easter caption contest WINNER!

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With over 400 entries, most of them captions, some of them image macros, and even some poetry, Pondo and his broken egg/easter basket/beer in hand has attracted a lot of attention with this event.

It's time to announce the winner of the Battle panther and event winner title! But first, some honorable mentions. These entries were funny enough to get passed around the office, so mad props to the creators. While these aren't exactly "captions", they're still pretty funny and deserve to be highlighted. I think an image macro contest is in the future based off some of these:
Creator: MicroBlaster - Storm Legion

Creator: Kalza - Storm Legion

Creator: meluvia

Creator: Seraf - Illyfue

And now for the winning caption!

Creator: seraphim013

"I can't celebrate Easter because I'm just like you.. broke.."

Congrats to the winner, and a big thanks for the great stuff everyone submitted! More stuff is on the way, so keep an eye out!
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    those were all great, congrats to everyone :)
    Special thanks to chaosheart27 for the awesome sig
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    Kudos to the creators, that is some funny stuff. Maybe i should get involved next time just to have some fun.
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    There were a lot of great entries. Congrats!~
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    Mine was better than anyones! The wishing well foundation is junk this was my one and only wish and they could not make it happen!
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    Gratz to the winners :)
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  • Seraf - Illyfue
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    Grats for the winner, and everyone who participate in this really fun contest :). I loved it, and enjoyed it too, and hopefully, there will be similar contests in the future too.
    Congrats again.
  • MicroBlaster - Storm Legion
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    Just to clarify, the honorable mentions didn't win because they weren't technically captions? Or because they just weren't 'funny' enough?

    If it was the former, perhaps the rules of these caption contests should be more clearly defined.
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    lol nice job everyone :)

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