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hey guys, i've seen someone at level 50 already, is this the max level? :confused:
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  • LadyAvail - Storm Legion
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    No, Judging from the gear on certain vendors we'll most likely be 70+.
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  • Remnants - Storm Legion
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    Last I checked the level cap is 60.

    Sorry if this is Necro.
  • Pieflavor - Storm Legion
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    it's not that necro, but yeah now we found out the cap is still at 60.
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    sad thing its stil at 60 :(
  • rhinaesss
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    on may - 27 - 2011

    it turned to lv70 as max.
  • Doewn - Lionheart
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    I love f2p games. No paying a mo sub while waiting for next expansion. 70 is fair. Only game I ever played that had no lvl cap was Mabinogi. Most games go to 70.
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  • Bennelli - Storm Legion
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    50-80 is standard for Western market games. Case in point is Aion (NA) and WoW. Level cap is 55 and 80 (unless the new WoW expansion upped it again...?). But other MMO's I've played, the level cap is much higher, ROSE onlines level cap was 210 when I left it.

    Right now, Forsaken Worlds Levelcap is 70, though I believe it will be raised in time.
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