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hello could someone please explain how bidding on a base works? is it like 1 guild has 1 annoymous bid each highest wins? or a bidding war where you get outbid and get the chance to bid more until the timer ends? also how much did the us servers first base go for? thanks in advance for any info you can provide.:D oh also can only the leader bid or the whole guildcan put their bid in?
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    lawrence opens a certain amount of bases to bid on every monday and ending wednesdays.

    the name of the highest bidder guild will be shown to the base number along with the amount bid, you can outbid and outbid as much as you want, it's the same basis as the auction house.

    the first wave of bases was 10 bases to bid on, on every server AFAIK and the highest bidding was around 20 diamonds.

    of course at this stage all the top guilds have their bases already so now the bidding amounts will be low.

    oh and only the guild leader can bid for it.
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