Is this game worth it?

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Hello everyone ^.^ I'm Tisha. Anywho I just wanted to know if this game was worth playing. I know it's been hyped but I don't go off of hype alone heehee I just ask those who are currently playing it if it's worth it. I'm playing PWI right now and am looking for a change. Will this satisfy my? :D:p
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    Why don't you...... you know.... try it? And see for yourself if you like it? I switched from perfect world and honestly... right now i cant even believe i played perfect world.. such a crappy game -.-
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    this game isn't a cash shoppers paradise yet the way pwi is, if that appeals to you then this game is for you.
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    Best to try it, b/c if you going pass judgement base on some1 opinion you might miss a good opportunity.
    Personally I didn't like it(FW) for several reason, overall it just felt like an update version of pwi.
    When I first played PWI, thx to my cousin recommending it and R.O.M, I was amazed. I played tons of mmorpg most felt dull, and boring but pwi felt like a unique new experience, plus I got it to work on dailup when I had it. I tried R.O.M around the same time, it felt they was throwing everything at me compare PWI which was quite helpful from the very beginning.
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    No, it's way to similar to their other games, especially PWI.
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    I find that its way better than PWI. Like more things to do, more interesting, graphics are mind-blowingly awesome...not to mention the tons of innovative features that are unique to the game

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    I love playing this game :3 Everyone has different opinions though, so you will hear all kinds of different things. It is best to give it a try yourself and see what you think ^.^

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    In my opinion it is a good game with a lot of potential but it can get boring after a while. There's new dungeons almost every 10 levels so there is something interesting to do/try but overall it's like most games.

    If you've played PW/PWI then it's similar, "Forsaken world is the darker version of Perfect World" ie good pw vs evil fw. Also if you have played BoI then you would get the feel of events being at certain times and daily things to do for this and that. As per most games dungeons = gear. Exp = dailies/quest/dungeon/ scroll grinding. Cash shop is very reasonable, things tend to sell at decent price for the most part and a few things from cash shop can be bought from npcs, like bank extension for 8G which is cheap.

    Overall, in my opinion, you should give it a try and see if you are interested or not because some people will love the game, like it, dislike, hate... Everyone is different. ^^
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    I'll give you a non cash shoppers perspective. I make enough to sustain my playtime. I am able to forge my gear and PvP but i will never be able to out match those who actually spend a good amount on the game. That being said....

    If you know how to make money without spending real money and take advantage of the server trends you might be ok, but, you have to have gold to make gold. Warriors 2-3 hit me who are cash shopped. In the end its hards to say who will come out on top because its still low level and its just based on 50-60 range and people are just trying to get an advantage.

    Either way, you can still enjoy the game without spending real money, you just need to be smart and focus on leveling and making gold coin at the same time, and i really dont think its hard. Aside from fully cash shopped people, i can still out dps people and make decent gear without spending real money against those who do.

    You will never be as good as those who spend money obviously, but you can still be good and thrive if you have the skill and spend time.

    Tha'ts pretty much it.