Doing all the green quests?

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Should i do them all? i just started palying today im lvl 17 and there are tons of green quests and its just a mess doing them all with the main quest
Right now im doing the only the main quests and Life in the harbor
are the other ones important or can i just skip them?
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  • deathbunny
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    Some green quests give you equipment or shards so those may be good to do. And they do give you soul coins too but if you've out leveled most of your quests it's not a necessity. I don't know if they go away after you're way above the level though... around 35+ you can start catching up on them as leveling slows down slightly.

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  • Venezia - Storm Legion
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    When you get to certain lvl your main quest npc will tell you to come back like 2 lvls higher to get to that lvl you gotta do some green quests or daily. when i was 34 main quest npc told me to come back when i be 36, i had gods tryal done and it still was not enough so i did all green +Henry+daily and got my 36.