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Guide: Fort Khoaway

Tsukiyo - Storm LegionTsukiyo - Storm Legion Posts: 398 Arc User
edited April 2011 in Beginner's Guide
Since a lot of people don't seem to know what this instance is whenever i ask randoms, i shall just write a guide for the resourceful now. if someone made a guide for this already just lock this thread immediately

General Overview

Everything i say is not law, you can easily bend the rules with the teams as the mobs aren't uber.

If anyone lags I STRONGLY RECOMMEND MANUAL ENTER so the whole team is inside right away. I have failed many runs cause half the team lagged in and all who got in right away were the people who didn't know what to do. YOU CANNOT ENTER ONCE ITS STARTED SO MAKE SURE EVERYONE IS THERE/READY!!

Now there are two ways to do FK i'll start with the beginner way first.

You set up 2 teams 3 of each balanced in DD and healing. And then 1 person from each side is assigned an ambush role to rush back to base to deal with ambushes. If you want SS rank you must have an AoE DD for the ambush team. Tanking should be done by the strongest DD or the tank. 1 person on the ambush team MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE otherwise you might end up without the ambush team even going back there. DO NOT LET AN IDIOT BE ASSIGNED THIS ROLE. But most important follow the leader's instructions the most, usually guy who is leading party but not always as he isn't always most knowledgeable HOWEVER the person who gathers the party together has priority in leading the team. if you don't like the leader, form the party yourself. Also, as leader, don't be so uptight to not listen to your party members, always balance out to experience and inexperience together, the most inexperience i will recommend is 3 people. Please be understanding as you had a first time too. Most knowledgeable + 2 inexperience and 1 inexperience + 2 experience does the trick. Somewhat a priority when putting teams together with classes.

Protip: Going with guildies greatly increases glory coin drops. I strongly recommend doing guild runs!

The area

Alright 4 places to know, base, defense left side, defense right side, and mob spawn. Mob spawn is only important in the advanced team split.

Base is where you spawn and where ambushes happen. The fort has 2 exits, the left frontal side and right frontal side. When in beginning 3 will fight at defense left side (you'll see cannons and defense bunkers, they protect you and do damage) KEEP THE DEFENSE BUNKERS ALIVE!! they are the first thing a mob targets after you. And will switch to it like a mob in GT attacking a pillar.

Defense bunkers down? don't sweat, there is still A rank, KEEP THE CANNONS ALIVE. Support healers better be making a priority to heal more often at this point.

The boss comes through the left side and appears at 1 minute left. You know the boss is coming cause it goes "THEY ARE COMING FAST!"

Ambushes are the trickiest part of this instance. And the hardest. Usually a team of 2.. (recommended) If Morin dies, its GAME OVER! Morin is first priority to protect, always get mobs off him (easy with AoE) Usually groups of 8-10 mobs but sometimes groups of 4. AMBUSHES WILL BE ANNOUNCED BY GAME

Team splitting

General guideline: Priority assumes all classes know role, always make sure 1 experience is in ambush team for safety. Same with team splits, make sure someone experienced is on each side.

Also note, AoE starts at 30 for Mm and Mage, and 45 for Priest (and Prots not don't think reliable to spam)

If a team of 20s, just assume no AoE priority, good luck 20s!

Now lets look at specific class roles:

healer = priest
support healer = vampire and bard, rebel/glacial priest
DD = MM, sin, mage, vampire and warrior
AoE DD = Burst MM, Lightning Mage, and glacial priest (45+ i think)
tank = warrior and protector

now a simple rule i follow is 1 healer = 2 support healers so if you can't find 2 priests (lol hard to imagine) you can replace with 2 vamps/bards, blood vamp is a bonus

Tank is the least important role in the beginner way of this instance, however warriors have great DPS so they are always welcomed.

Now them lets look at a basic team set up.


basic Healer, DD, and tank to one side. Ambush team can consist of a burst marksman alone if he's confident in his kiting and AoE (I've kited a failed FK for 5 minutes, course you will need POTS!) Most mobs there are 8-10ish so you can AoE and kite, but help is always appreciated, a vamp is my favorite support

I personally think this team is too restrictive .. so here is my favorite type of squad:

Support Healer
Support Healer

Allows most diversity i would say this party. Spilt of teams is tank/strongest (that isn't AoE) DD + 2 support healers and 2 DD's + priest (AoE DD is a bonus) Ambush team requires DD + support healer (Vamp priority)

Due to the abundance of priests and vamps.. here is one final suggestion for beggers (forming party late so no choice on who you get)

Priest/Blood Vamp
Support healer
filler: Priority tank/DD, anything else

Spilt 2 types of healers + strongest DD (not AoE) and tank/DD, DD, and strongest healer. Side with 2 healers has the weaker healer (thought priest is way better to send than bard so don't send bard) go on ambush. DD with AoE or tank goes to ambush.

Class Roles

Priest: not really mandatory to have one but you'll be too stacked on support heals without a priest. HP buff is a bonus and divine elf's 1 second HoT and divine human's 1 second heal is epic. Strongly recommend at least 1, Glacial priest is an added bonus as priests heals are strong enough without being buffed by divine so an AoE spec priest does a great job killing the mobs. Still prefer burst MM or lightning mage + vampire for ambush team but improvising holds no limits :D

Vampire: This is my favorite class to bring into FK, they can DD and support heal which makes me love them, they have priority when going into ambush team. My favorite team consists of 2 vampires and 1 priest. Blood vampire has higher priority for ambush squad. Also for lulz, probably only class that can go 6 of themselves as they can do everyone except AoE but not needed for a beginner spilt.

Marksman: Class i know best, when it comes to FK, when precision MM can take the tanking role if a sin, warrior and protector is not there (Sin out DDs usually and other two have aggro control) as burst, this is the best MM to bring along. Best for Ambush team cause even when not burst, they have penetrating shot to hit all mobs. lightning mage can do if he's confident in tanking 8-10 mobs

Mage: Great DPS and AoE, but AoE is an added bonus. Can tank just fine if he has enough HP so don't be intimated unless you got low HP (green gears)

Sin: Best DD tank usually doesn't worry about losing aggro when tanking with pure DPS, though other DD crits do ruin the tanking sometimes, great to have along to kill mobs faster. Nothing much else to say.

Protector: Defense is an added bonus, best to send for ambush if has AoE taunt + anyone else (AoE DD is epic with this combo)

Bard: epic attack buff for AoEers. AoE sleep is a good breather when overwhelmed. But only once every 3 minutes :\ guess you can AoE sleep once a wave though. But don't be picky, barder's AoE heal is epic when saving a team of 3. definably a great combo with bard + vamp support healer

Warrior: Best tank class to take for this team split. Just a less squishy sin comparatively

Advanced team spilt

Alright, now for what the pros have been waiting for. This has a mandatory for 2 AoE DDs (For SS rank) and either a protector and priest who can keep AoE DD'er alive.

strongly recommend levels 45+ but 40 is the lowest to bring (AoE DD'ers are 40 are fine but then mandatory to have a protector


AoE DD (weaker is ambush)
Protector who can keep mass aggro (though a weaker AoEer will have trouble taking aggro.
Priest (must be divine if no protector)
Vamp or priest (Ambush)
Filler (Priority: AoE DD, bard, anyone else)

Split 4 and 2, but at beginning all 6 go to spawn of mobs. Once 20 minutes is left, ambush team waits at base, most boring position but for lazy people, you'll love it. pretty sure there is only 2 ambushes a run.. but don't take my word, if i can a confirmation then I'll add in once 2 ambushes are over, join up with the rest.

Glacial priest has first priority for ambush team, can solo ambush if desired. Strongly recommend burst MM and lightning mage for priority AoE DD, they will take aggro a bit, so make sure you can take hits! (doesn't matter which race, stun is better at keeping you alive, but freeze actives more often if you kite)

Nothing gets past Marble protector, but lower level DD's (was 42 and had a 50 diamond protector) and i took only aggro a few times only when i used backup fire.

Need a divine priest for without a protector to heal the AoE DDer. 10 second HoT (human only) does the tree quite nicely. Bard is great support without a protector


Sapphire school 1xRank (SS and S are both 4 though)
Soul coin
Epic exp

SS is achieved by NOTHING DYING and speed killing

S is achieved with speed killing and some things dying

A something, i had everything dead and the boss was still alive and still got an A.

dunno lower levels, never got that low.

comments, suggestions, and all the ****, i'm out
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  • Silvetaz - IllyfueSilvetaz - Illyfue Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited March 2011
    Thank you very much for this, you should put this up on the now started wiki mate, it was very informative, perhaps throw in a picture or two to make it even more obvious..

  • Tsukiyo - Storm LegionTsukiyo - Storm Legion Posts: 398 Arc User
    edited March 2011
    Pictures come next week when i do the instance again
  • Wish - Storm LegionWish - Storm Legion Posts: 15 Arc User
    edited March 2011
    Justice Bump as today is Monday and people need to know how to do this already
  • Iryu - Storm LegionIryu - Storm Legion Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited March 2011

    I prefer this setup:

    2 on each side, Priest in middle, Midget with a gun next to morin. If either Defenders gets low they can easily retreat back for the priest to heal. Reason for this is because if there are too many on the defender, the priest will have to engage in combat to prevent overusage on MP (Damage is a bit heavy)
  • Bitealot - Storm LegionBitealot - Storm Legion Posts: 52 Arc User
    edited March 2011
    I got a SS score on my last run but the reward was only 4x scrolls of sapphire, not 5.
  • Candenza - EyrdaCandenza - Eyrda Posts: 534 Arc User
    edited March 2011
    Yeah Im done with random pt for FK. =/
    Thanks for the guide though it must have taken a very long time to go through each little bit.
    Guild: Final
  • MuMutastic - Storm LegionMuMutastic - Storm Legion Posts: 33 Arc User
    edited April 2011
    Random party/PUG FTL!!! I agree Candenza. I have only done this instance once ever, a couple of days ago and it was epic FAIL. I don't remember there being a priest. I don't think 4 of them had ever done it myself included. We started out 3 on each bridge and were quickly over run and retreated back to initial spawn area. I was continually using taunt and mass taunt to pull mobs off Morin. After 15-20 HP pots later to keep from dying, Morin dead and the EPIC FAIL notice, I wondered what the frak just happened. :eek:
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