Soulforce skill not working properly

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Now every once in a while the skill works on elites and dosent work on common monsters, or i dont understand what common monsters are.


Now that picture shows me using it near a pack of Hyena Scouts, those are common right?


as you can see none of them died , it just made them angry

Either its a bug with the skill or the mobs bug out every once in a while, or i dont understand the mechanics , either way feel free to shed some light.
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  • monimad
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    It happens to me sometimes too....... I guess were doing something wrong but im not sure what.
    I would apreciate it if someone told us =D
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  • lokisdottir
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    sometimes skills miss or are resisted. As long as you have your most current Soulforce skill it does a great deal of damage to common monsters, and some to certain Elite monsters. After the early levels, however, it is rarer for the soulforce skill to outright kill things.
  • syse
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    but I think the miss rate is higher than it supposes to be. Today I tested few times. When I hit 4 or 5 common monsters, only one get killed. Is that really normal? When I played on the chinese server, the rate is mush lower, only 1 or 2 max will survive from soulforce skill
  • Naeril - Storm Legion
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    today my soulforce is fully useless! I am lvl 44 and have the lvl 40 trinket.
    When I tried to kill some werewolves in kalaries for a quest... it didn't kill a single one.
    Later on I tried it with 5 bloodstained hunters... Just one of em died...
    This is growing annoying...
  • Calad - Illyfue
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    Seeing that it takes quite a bit to get one use of that trinket, there shouldn't be any chance for failure. When you use it, it should do what it says, kill normal monsters within range (and level range).