stoneman hairdos

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i mean, really? stoneman's bad looking enough and they have to give them outrageous hairdos taken straight out from dragon ball z or something.. the only acceptable one is the bald one..
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    I disagree. I think the hairdos are ok. I might not like all of them, but some are pretty good. My favorite is the one with two spikes coming out on top with some coming down the side of the face; with the proper face and color combination, you could look like Wolverine (kinda). Besides its not as bad as the Sephiroth hair male Kindred are given (seriously, most overused hairstyle ever)
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    yeah i would have to agree with mael on this one might not be the best selection but could be alot worst lol... Hopefully they will add some new hair styles in time :rolleyes:

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    Yeah those super saiyan hairstyles do not fit them.