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The classes in FW are nice, but I would like to recommend an additional tank class. Seems ridiculous, but hear me out :).

Trying not to completely reference to other games, but surveys that I have taken on other games (some pay2play and many free2play) as well as surveys around my university suggest that, if a person were to play a tank in any MMO, a typical sword/shield class is what draws them to play.

Here are my results from the survey with people from online interaction (364 tanks interviewed):

298 or approximately 81.9% preferred a sword/shield tank (loved the individualized art on armor though...aka the fact that not every tank on every game looked the same)

37 or approximately 10.2% preferred tanks that did not fit the norm (tanks that had one, 2 or even no weapons and had no shield)

29 or approximately 7.9% played a tank regardless because they just wanted to be the leader or the head of the pack

Here are my results from the survey with people from my university (could only find 72 tanks on the small campus out of the hundreds of gamers lol):

63 or approximately 87.5% said they prefer sword/shield tanks

8 or approximately 11.1% said they don't like the sword/shield tanks

1 or approximately 1.4% said they just play whatever is available as the tank class

Just thought I'd suggest it this and show the results. I'm going to continue taking surveys as I do so for classes and pass the information on to friends in the game design program.
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    I really do agree Im not to big on the tanking but when i do tank it's got to be sword shield or nothing. it's just there isnt anything interesting about a plane old tank. I want to be able to be a top tank because i made it that way and not be the same lvl as other tanks then it makes me less sought after.
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    well on terms of tanking you usually have several types of tanks from pure tanks and hybrid types i.e. tank/dmg and from all the pure tanks you have 2 from defense focus to hp focus weapon wise yeah defense focus should definitely have a shield and a 1hand type weapon and hp tanks should have a stronger 2h weapon of sorts or even fist weapons
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    I have been thinking why don't any MMO have a class of werewolf's I would love to play as one and i bet so would other people. :D
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    Well if I added myself into those statistics, I would fall under the sword/shield tank. I absolutely love tanks, but I play an assassin because of the tank options available. And even as an assassin I end up tanking the majority of instances I run (unless we have a Protector at the same level as myself or a higher level Warrior).

    On the note of a werewolf class, I am not overly fond of the idea; however, there has been an extremely large amount of people talking about the idea. Hopefully something becomes of it and everyone is happy with the decision regardless. :)
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    we need more tank class, and i think this maybe can be.


    a dwarf mech, use melee skills, taunt, agro bufs, have a bit more hp like stonemen, and the mech give to dwarf a lot of armor.

    the dwarf mech have the same size like a stonemen, use same mount of normal dwarf just a bit big xD.
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    An amazing artwork there; however, if you were to install a class of that nature, it would be one of the most over-played classes. The reason I say that is because of the steampunk theme that goes with the "Mech". Another concern for game developers when adding a class of that nature would probably mean adding a whole other slot for armor unless they decide to install it in the "Chest" slot. Having a lot of tanks around is a good idea; however, having a bunch of "newbie" tanks that only play the class for their appearance is not a good concept.

    On another note, I wouldn't mind seeing a dwarf tank as the thought of playing a small, chubby, drunk, and bearded man amuses me. It would also be nice to see a human main-tank (not just a two-handed melee dps) as humans are always referred to as the jack of all trades.

    Still open for ideas on classes for Forsaken World, feel free to post concepts as well. I absolutely love looking at concept drawings and would love to see what others can imagine (Both artistically and verbally..text in this case). :)
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    yeah like if you choose to be aegis warrior you get a shield that would be cool.
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    I have been thinking why don't any MMO have a class of werewolf's I would love to play as one and i bet so would other people. :D

    They do have a MMO with Werewolfs now :P its called World of Warcraft :P

    BTW has anyone else noticed that were not suppose to advertise on ALL mmorpg but the forum admins NEVER delete a post about World of Warcraft :P lol i think people forgot the old old MMOs like ragnarok :P lol
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