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Hey forsaken world players, just you like to know a few things after playing beta 2

So, i've never been a guy to get into Closed betas, but a few friends were trying it so i signed up, didn't get an invite to the first bet was invited to second. When i played though i liked some features but dis-liked a lot.

To give you basic idea of what i like it basically, A game where end-game pvp is really something to look forward too, no matter how long it takes to get there.

Now just a few questions -

Did they fix the lag in the main area once you hit 20 i believe, can't remember what its called. I remember a port but thats it, Hell did they fix lag overall?

Will this game be very zen reliant? (i played other PWI games, i know how they can get)

Mages, They get buffed? Think they can hold there own end-game for pvp?

Just a few questions returning after playing the second beta, if theres any information to share i'd love to read it so i know whether i want to dedicate myself to this game ;)
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    So far I've played for the past few days and I haven't run into any lag issues recently. Then again, I've been on the Lionheart server so I doubt that really counts and neither can I differentiate which class is considered buffed or nerfed.

    Will this game be zen reliant? That answer is probably going to be an obvious "yes" considering the fact that the rest of their line of games are.

    I'm just a player that managed to get her hands on a few extra days before the 9th. :rolleyes:
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    This is all just going off of what I saw since Phase 4

    I have all graphics up (But water turned down slightly and shadows off) and I really get very little lag in Freedom Harbor.

    As of right now, unless someone spends over 10,000 dollars on the game the CS doesn't seem to make a big difference

    Surprisingly (For me anyway) I haven't tried Mage yet, no comment.

    Hope this helped : )
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