HEYYYYYYY!!! I have a great Idea for the name issue!

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Oh wait here is a suggestion though how about you put like a number next to the name high lighted or something or the server name next to their name so people know which one it is. For example if I used this forum name and someone else did to. Pensri (PVE Server (server name here)) Pensri (PVP Server (server name here)) You could even color code them when they are high lighted to match a color code of the server. YA! I like this idea. Hold on a mintute I'm going to the suggestion forum with this :P. *runs off to it* WISH ME LUCK XP.

Hey GMs and Mod's this is the idea I came up with on the general disscussion forum :D. How does it sound. Color coding the names and saying what server it is from. And for those who do not pay attention to the title next to the persons name you can high light the servers names in the colors to represent them. I was thinking blue for the first PVE server and Red for the first PVP server. :p:D You can do the color coding and server names in brakets next to the names. Kind of like in shooter games where they put color on the names or icons so you can tell they are not on your side.
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    Most likely in OB, they'll give us the opportunity to have our characters in game showing up on the forums.

    Which means that in the icon you'll see the class you are and your level, and underneath the icon you'll see your in-game name, the server you play on, and if that server is PvE or PvP.
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    The issue you do not understand I am getting at though is the fact we are going to fight "in" game server against server. People are upset that you can only use a name once in the whole game (or so it appears). That is why I suggested this. (btw bump up :3)