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Archer class, well really it isnt an idea, but i want to know if it is possibly to add an archer class, i dont like to use guns (marksman)
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    1. Already been suggested before, more than once.
    2. If the devs wanted an archer class in the game, there would already be one.
  • drakovongola1
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    Not necesarily. Remember, the game is beta, they could add a few more classes in OBT or after (If there is an after >_>)

    Personally I'd like to see an Elven Archer, or even a human I suppose.
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    True. ^

    There are some archer NPC guards in FH as well as other places in the game so, maybe in the future. Even though that really doesn't mean anything but you never know.
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    you wont see any class additions during beta, thats crazy... they in enough trouble just trying to get what they got right, dont forget this game is dev'd in china and is already live. a much much later expansion would be more possible.

    the simple answer is dont play a marksman.
  • tharkan
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    There already is an archer class. It is exclusive to elven NPCs, but regarding them, I do have a suggestion: make sure that "elven blademasters" or whatever their name is does not include archers.
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    janedoe wrote: »
    2. If the devs wanted an archer class in the game, there would already be one.

    That makes no sense lol.
    Many games, incluiding PWE games, add characters after a while, so that's not the point.
    I personally would like an Elf Archer seen in the game, would probably a DPH, 1v1 beast imo.
    Also a Dwarf Grenadier would be cool :D Throwing grenades and other stuff like that for curses and AoE
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    Pretty sure the Devs will make bows apart of a Marksman's arsenal. :cool:
  • rakael7
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    I played a mmorpg some months ago, and there 2 types of archer (both ELVES)

    Arbalest -> 1v1 ownage single target skills and low attack speed but powerfull damage.
    Bow -> Mob controller with area skills, fast attack speed, high flee and movespeed plus a buff that increases the height of the 6 next Jumps
  • lyfin
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    If you are wanting a class that does artillery with most if not all races. The marksman tutor is human and so is a Socialite tutor. They both use artillery.


    If you want it to be Elf-only that's impossible. The Elves already have a race-only class and that's Bard. They won't have two, just like if the Dwarves had melee it would be warrior, not "Viking" like in FF.

    If the game had "advanced" classes or at some level one could learn other classes no matter the race, that would be more likely yet also more impossible.

    The one thing you have to worry about the most is how the classes balance one another. If you cannot show how that class will balance the others, your idea won't be heard.