Forsaken World - Class Logos

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Forsaken World - Class Logos
by Traznix

I tried searching the net for the Logos for each class, but I could not find any, so I made my own. Hope this will help someone, maybe for a signature, an avatar, an fansite, etc.

Also, if anyone needs the Logos in a special color, just tell me and I`ll upload all of the Logos with that specific color.


Blue : warriorlogo.jpg

Black : warriorlogob.jpg


Blue : assasinlogo.jpg

Black : assasinlogob.jpg


Blue : magelogo.jpg

Black : magelogob.jpg


Blue : priestlogo.jpg

Black : priestlogob.jpg


Blue : bardlogo.jpg

Black : bardlogob.jpg


Blue : marksmanlogo.jpg

Black : marksmanlogob.jpg


Blue : protectorlogo.jpg

Black : protectorlogob.jpg


Blue : vampirelogo.jpg

Black : vampirelogob.jpg
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    Very nice, I like the bard one.
    I guess they could have different colour schemes for males/females like in PWI.
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    good job been looking for these myself
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    Moved to Community Tavern.

    Post in the right section and maybe you'll get the help you seek.

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  • acryllis
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    Wow good job man!

    And i do agree, they should have separate colours for male/female
  • stacyraven
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    Hawt! Well done, hun! :D I might end up using these on sigs. ^_^ Thanks!
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    Kind of look the same
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    I see no similarities...

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  • brbgnlol
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    good post,thanks :P
  • pandoraremix
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    There seems to be some confusion.

    The emblems were not made by the opening poster. He just put them in squares so you can use them for signatures/guides/etc.

    The emblems have been ingame and unchanged since chinese beta.

    So giving him feedback about the emblems themselves - the cross, the staff, etc - isn't really the point. He didn't make them and changing them would defeat the purpose of using the icons in the first place, because they are no longer the actual icons for the class.
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  • webtoots
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    Nice post, thx for images ;)