Alchemy Bug

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Step1: Expand the recipe menu in Alchemy
Step2: Scroll down and select "Basic Magic Spring"; click "Create Max"

Description: The max number I am able to create (ie. 36) shows but it only creates two and the number drops to 0 and stops. Unable to click "Create Max" again or input a number manually until you go back to the recipe and click on it.

Expected: Create the max number specified...?
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  • lokisdottir
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    I just tried this and was able to create the max listed. Are you sure you have enough Vigor to create the potions? The create max will only take into account the other ingredients when listing a number.
  • stupidfans
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    i'v tryed this be4.. and the problem is if u have too many recipes..

    if u watch it closely while its being crafted the list scrolls back up.. and resets ur targeted recipe.. therefore canceling the crafting of it..

    lol.. i never consider this a huge problem since u can just delete old recipes and the list wont scroll up.. but.. if the GM's can actually make it work it would be even better.. xd

    Lokis.. try learning the max amount of recipes and do it again.. make ur recipe list be actually scrollable.. xDD
  • lokisdottir
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    hmmm, I can't seem to reproduce this. Let me know if you're still seeing it after the next patch :)
  • ryderfan
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    I'm definitely still seeing this bug when I try to make rose and lavender oils. Has anyone come up with a solution to stop this one?