2 mirrored and opposite factions

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is that possible to have light and dark side we cand choose to fight aside?
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    that can be more fun this game, like world of warcraft (i know im wowfan)

    but when u kill a enemy faction u feel good, and u make more for help to some ppl of ur faction, in this game u can kill ur ouwn race, this game is all vs all and somestimes only ur guild help u.

    when u r low and some hig lvl kill u no one help u cuz, dont have help or faction or race or guild if the guild is low and the pker is casher and full and is in a hig guild ;S.
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    There is a similar post that I made for new faction, just use the search button and check for "New faction implementation+storyline(Westernized Style)."
    I do support this idea tho.
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    that is a entire new game dude... good luck with that :P lol
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    That idea is from another mmo which the pvp isnt as good as most mmos its still fun only major draw back is u cant pk ur side if a nub steals ur mobs >_<

    tbh i think its to late to add in FW and like pwi fw is a guild vs guild game or all vs all pking which can be fun and annoying if ur ganked -.-
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    light and dark ruins the lore of the game...

    plus you probably got that from WoW.. and while i liked WoW very much people are going to yell and scream and whine saying that PWE is modeling too much from WoW
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