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    Where do i see myself in a year........

    Well first off i wanna talk about how i seem to have a commitment problem when it comes to MMO's. I cant seem to stick to one class, and because of that my friends who are dedicated are always out leveling me T_T. However for this game, i really am try to commit to one class and really develop them and be the best they can be. That class would be the protector.

    So back on topic where will i be in a year?

    I see myself as a continuous runner for the god of war, and being and RPK machine. Although i don't see the point of picking on noobies so my main focus while Pk'ing will those of my own level. Picking on someone who is lower level then you really offers no challenge, and does not make you a better player. Going after someone who is higher or the same level allows you to really develop your skills and become even better.

    I also see myself as a second in command of a awesome Pk/Raid guild, where we have created many enemies for are selves since we don't care who we kill. We don't believe in have alliances with everyone and trying to play nice, but when the server starts to become a little boring from lack of fighting we will be there to take on 3 guilds at once to get everyone's blood pumping again. We will also raid frequently, and have some the best items around. We will train new people who join are guild in the art of PVP so that they can represent are guild well. Are guild will also always stand up for one another and never leave someone to take 3 people on at once, unless that personal really likes a challenge. like i said before we won't be afraid to make a lot of enemies, because if anything it will keep the sever very interesting.

    Besides being the God of war i see myself personally being someone who is always lending a helping hand to a Noob in need. Wither it be killing a boss, running a dungeon, or just a few mobs i will try to lend a helping hand. However i will not help whiners who constantly spam WC or something, and mostly likely put them on my ignore list. I also probably won't be able to help out all the time since i have my own quest and stuff to do, but when i do have the free time i will with out a doubt help out to the best of my ability.

    I also see me as a pretty social person, and haven made friends with a lot of high levels who i had lv'd up with in the earlier days of the game. We will probably sit around and chat, form a ganking party or two for some fun. Help out the random noob who has agro'd to many mobs for their own good. People will know that they can come to this group of friends with question about the game, or if they just need general help. They will also come to this group knowing that there is a chance that we might just pwn you :).

    In terms of gear, i will probably be one of the most well armored Protectors in the game. I plan to spend a lot of my time building my own armor, as well as selling armor for a nice profit. ( although the money system you guys have in place for this game is kind of confusing). When i have the extra money lying around (which will be very rarely since im broke lol) i will probably buy some cool fashion for avi.

    I will also probably get married to someone from my old guild in PWI, since we have all decided to transfer over to this game because of its amount of epicness. As a couple she will hopefully be a priest so she can heal me while i''m pwning people in PVP( cheap? maybe. but ill use and advantage if i have it). When we are not raiding with the guild or PVP'ing we will probably just chill with the group of friends that i talked about earlier.

    So yeah this is where i see myself in this game in a year. sorry for making you read so much crab, lol but i really like this game and i can't wait to play. Wither it be in CBT or full release.
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    Well, a year from now in Forsaken World I see myself as a pretty good Bard or Mage, or maybe even a priest, since dealing damage is almost as fun as healing and aiding others :D

    Ill be able to farm with other people all the time, which is always fun to do. Working toward gearing up a whole group of friends who farm a dungeon together often would be lots of fun.

    I'd also be in an extremely friendly guild, regardless of if they are one of the strongest on the server or not.

    I'd be someone on the server that everyone likes and respects, hopefully not disliked by anyone.

    I would be willing to help others in need as much as possible, even if I cant play all of the time due to school or other irl things.

    I would probably master a few jobs too.

    I will also be on the forums frequently, making suggestions to make sure that this game stays lots of fun for a very long time.

    Then, once everything else is done and one character gets near the level cap, I would like begin working on another character, to experience a different side of the game.

    But who knows, one year goes by pretty fast. I may still be leveling the first character and trying to enjoy it to its fullest =D
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    for my guild..

    With every step the ground will shake, the might of my legendary warrior shall make enemies run in fear...with great armor and the will to help, i shall work in group with my guild to become the best...

    for others..

    In 1 year............Not even the gods of Erydia will be able to stop me, ill make water run backwards and volcanos suck in the magma.....In 1 year, just by showing up, other players will kill themselves.....birds will explote and whales will grow legs and run from the ocean.....the legendary warrior will be unstopable....In 1 year ill be able to defeat chuck norris...hell yeah!!!!
    A sound of silence will let you know that your time has come...
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    In one year I see myself conquering battles that will be fought. Being a helpful player with god-like abilities. :)
  • sthspecial
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    hmm it is pretty challenging for me to answer these question coz im not a creative person ... but for me, i think ill be a very very happy player that enjoy myself at all times ... i think ill be playing as a bard, ill try to gear myself as stronge as possible to defeat my enemies and support my partners ..

    im generally a nice person, but dont make me mad, ill avenge for teammates
  • yumimika
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    After playing Forsken World for one year as a priest I will know my class very well and by then tried numerous skill builds to know which one that's the strongest one for different purposes. I will have high reputation, achivement skills as well as the best title there is to earn in Forsaken World. I'll contantly upgrade my gear by doing dungeons.
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    In a year from now.. I plan to play every single character available for FW. What can I say, I like changes. =P. I'll be the guy with the green hair running around in FW.

    I plan on being in the top of the ranks in romance with my lady friend. =). I'll have a lot of cash shop wardrobe lol. I'm not a competitive guy so pets, armor will be so so. I'm playing this game just to have fun, chat with people. I plan on helping any newbie that needs help coz everyone needs a little help here and there.
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    After a year of playing Forsaken World I plan on being one of the greatest PVPers and one of the best warriors on my server. I will have the best gear this game has to offer. I will have explored every inch of the map. I will know every dungeon as if it were my own house. I will be a part of a great guild.
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    well in one year i will be a high lvl Kindred mage with lots of friends drama coming out from everywere, with many ppls picking on me :o as always >.>, Will be studying and playing everyday as normal looking into FW pages everyday to see new stuffs coming up or so. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm o.o i will be always watching at World chat to see the complain's and laughing at the comments of everyone about others xD,
    .but that's what a game is about, to have fun meeting new people getting higher to be the best , also you pass through many emotions while you play since your not the only one playing in there, many things that will make good and bad memorys, that in the end we will all appreciate, since it makes us grow up little by little :o , after all we learn from everything, and complain about it xD
    so this is one year in FW >:l , many adventures in the game along with boss suicide missions, pvp, lvling, be in a great community of people, romance ♥, friendship and much more
  • iandrewxb
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    I see myself as one of the higher levels, I will be one the more well-known bards in the game. My support skills will be known throughout the entire continent. Not only that, I will be renowned merchant. I love merchanting in games. It makes me feel as if the game I was playing was actually alive. I will have one of the best set of equipments in game. Many newcomers will seek me for help and advice.

    Above all that, my enemies will fear my allies and I in battle for I shall make those who I fight with one of the best warriors they have ever seen. My name will be whispered in the depths of the shadows for they despise me,saying, "Who does he think he is...?". As there are always those who oppose me, I try my best to appeal to everyone.

    I am the one of the officers of a more accomplished guild. Everyone in the guild is quite distinguished in the battle field and in running and completing dungeons. We travel together to explore new lands and mysterious dungeons. Also, helping those in need along the way. Such as a lost traveler or someone having difficulty completing a quest. Proportional to our generous efforts to improve the community, we are devastatingly strong opponents to fight in a battle. We show the least of mercy to those who are up to no good.

    As every great hero needs, they have a pet or companion to travel with them. My pet and I shall challenge and overcome the greatest of obstacles. We will preserve through the worst predicaments and tough battles. We shall set an example to our fellow citizens that failure is indeed not an option. For as long as I live as a champion, no encumbrance for my allied people will be left unsolved.

    My tale does not end here, I will continue striving towards but to never achieve perfection. "Why strive for it but not attain it?", you might ask. Once "perfection" is attained, I would have lost my purpose for playing this game. No thrill or entertainment would come from battle, and of course you will lose friends. Perfection comes at a price, and I don't want to find out the consequences.

    Yours truly,
    Eikhail, a friendly bard near you.
  • kakuzux
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    In one year i will be known as Kakuzu the Great. i refuse to be the weak guy who asks for help from others and not being able to do anything in return.i will be a very well known assassin. i will be known as the kind hearted guy who will be able to help anyone in need, by enemies i will be known as the deavious man who keeps killing me! i will be looked up to by all as the god of stealth. i want to be the greatest anyone will ever see. All perfect world games i have played so far I never feel as if i've acheived my goal. i will change that in FW i will be the one in raids and guild wars in front lines instead of being the one in the back doing nothing but cheering on my teamates. i really hate the feeling of being the guy who is just there...... i want to make a difference and i will make that difference by becoming the greastest assassin ever known..
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    A year from now, i see my self as beeing the famous Bard that everyone enjoys party with, since bards are supportive and fighting class, my goal is to be best at both. Not to mention Bards are supposed to be best dressed classes in game so i will definitly have title as best dressed one in game with buying all the fashion sets i will prolly have best warderobe in game haha.

    I m very competitive person when it comes to such a games and winning diffirent titles, so about becoming a god its defintly a challange i m willing to take, there are 10 diffirent gods and i will defintly be one of them!

    Also 1 year is a long time by then i will prolly be maxed out lvl will be rich with the maxed gear and best one game has to offer, and learned all thats needed and can be about bards, they are after all a advanced class, aloot to learn, and experience.

    I will try out other classes aswell to see what they have to offer, prolly will make vampire becose its also one of the unique classes, cleric becose i love the supportive class, and marksman with their huge guns oh and assassin since they are ofc famous trough games for beeing one of the best pvp classes, oh and since bards can go 3 diffirent ways with skills and such i will prolly end up making 3 bards just to try out all 3 build =)..

    I will be one of the people also that will be running dungeons and seeking partys all time, after all i love to farm and make my character even stronger.

    I will be loved by community and hated. U cant just be one of them, but i do my best beeing nicest and helpfull that i can be!
    One year from now there will be alot new bards that will be totally lost and not know what to do, and i will make sure to help and guide them trough the way of becoming a good Bard!
    Most important thing i will be enjoying this game and having fun in it!!
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    Chances are I will be chatting with some guildmates, having fun, enjoying the game, eating some seeds while I game on. I will go unnoticed for the most part, since the community seems like it will suck **** and won't be worth my time.
  • maineemti
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    prolly sittin back , relaxing and enjoying the game , chatting with new people , pretty much same as i have done in other games .
  • ninik
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    In a year from playing Forsaken World

    Version #1:

    The sun is shining, it's rays shine off my blade, making it look like if it's on fire. I'm one of the most famous Warriors, also known as the best Pet Tamer. My gear is the best you can get. I'm a member of the guild who owns the map. Almost everyone fears me in PvP, my skills are unbelievable. My best companion, a brown and white winged tabby cat, has the best skills for a pet. She is a super tank, PvPer and DDer. Like me, she is feared. I ride on a dragon, faster than anything imaginable. I worked countless hours to achieve this, and no one can take it away from me.

    Version #2:

    PWE unfortunately ruined Forsaken World, like PWI. I rage quit after a year... Goodbye, my beloved Aly. QQ (brown and white winged tabby cat)
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    The best way I can describe where I will be is through this "short", "little" narrative. Enjoy... or don't... or do: ;)

    I fall out of bed, too lazy to climb down the four steps that will lead me to the carpeted ground.

    "Sweetie? Are you okay?" Mom calls out, concerned over my health.

    I guess the thud was louder than I thought... "Yes! I... uh... dropped my..." I looked around my room frantically searching for what I could blame the noise on. "Er... I just..." TV... No, it would have made more of a crashing noise and there would be glass everywhere. Laptop... no not heavy enough. "I'm fine!" I finally decided on, I mean I wasn't in pain other than the pain in my head, back, legs, etc; but I'm totally fine and ready to greet the coming day online. Or... maybe just a few more minutes of sleep... this floor is kind of comfy... so soft, like a pillow...

    NO! I must play!

    I drag myself off of the comfy floor, ignoring the way my bruises from the creative way to get myself out of bed screech in pain.

    It'll be fine in a few hours.

    I attempt to crack my knuckles, trying to gain any cool points that I can after the graceful way I got out of my bed, and fail. I sigh. I guess it's just going to be one of those days.

    I log on, not checking anything until I have the game up and the login music playing. Oh happy days its- not working!?!?


    Oh oops wrong password. My bad. :o

    After grinding (killing four mobs and then finding a pretty butterfly to chase after), I look around for something to do. Although the best (ie a God, ie me ;) ) need training, it also needs to meet all the new members.

    I grin to myself... I know exactly what I'm going to do...

    *few minutes later standing in the middle of the newbie starting place*

    "Hello, I am Ametis. Click me for your newbie prize."

    "=O we get a newbie prize? *click* ... It's not working... *click click*"


    "Did this NPC just laugh maniacally?"

    "I think it did..."

    "NO! I DID NO- Hello, I am Ametis. Click me for your newbie prize."

    "This game is weird..."

    Basically, I want to be the best, or at least well known for whatever reason... except sucking. xD Possibly because I'm the most entertaining person in the game, maybe because I'm the prettiest.

    *flips hair and it gets in eye* ow ow >_<

    Whatever the reason, (most likely the person who talks the most on shout, as my guild can tell you) I plan to be known, and awesome, but mostly known for being awesome.

    See, what I did there? No? *sigh*

    Thanks for reading! ^_^
    Ametis <3
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    A year from now i see myself with 3 characters at cap lvl, all geared up(Protector, H.Mage, Bard). A veteran in all dungeons, events, etc. Get and possily max out all professions( love crafting, gets me hooked to games).
    Oh get married n have kids in-gamem173.gif
    get on the god system at least 12x
  • readytoserve
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    In a year...

    I hope to be top level playing as an assassin. I want to be very acquainted with all game mechanics and advanced knowledge of the game. In 365 days I hope to be raiding with my friends and hard hitting guild FPG. FPG or Flashpoint Gaming is a close knit group of players that are really pumped for this coming 27th and the start of CB. In a year, I want to be using my knowledge as as CS major to learn more about MMOs play-styles through Forsaken world. In a year I would like for Forsaken World to be a game better than rivals such as WoW. In a year I want to be playing Forsaken World...

  • quickkill46
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    hmm lots of things can happen in a year so not 100% sure. one of the big things i plan to do is stay true to my guild and hopefully make lots of friends that would give me a reason to continue playing this game even after it gets stale(not saying it will but that's why i played some other games longer then i should have) also plan on at some point competing to become one of the gods in this game. hopefully i make many allies and maybe become one of the more well known pvp players on the server of the mage class.
  • loneb
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    Pff in a year...In two months I'll be doing better things then playing bad MMO's.
  • randedande
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    In a year I see myself as one of the top Vampires in the game with a lot of money. I'll have the best of the best gear you can get in the game and the sickest mount. I will be in-game PVP god :D I probably won't be the leader of a guild since I'm not the best leader and I'm not really good at organization. I'm not quite sure what a "fisher" is but I'll try to be one of the best! I can't wait to start playing MMO's again when this comes out!
  • vampierfaethor
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    one year from now.... *lip service that you wanna hear* that is why i should be the winner.

    bah i dunno how far along i will be since i don't know how good i will be at the game. honestly i see my self being fairly high leveled. i don't know what mounts are available but i will have either a flaming mount/ flying mount or flaming flying mount. mabey a large wolf mount for my vampier. i will have rolled a vamp and a stone man. i may get into some pvp / pk but mostly i play the game.

    of course it depends i could find that there are features of the game i can't stand and i will have quit.

    right now i have a new 64 bit computer running windows 7 and my laptop which was new when vista was new *hey it ran pwi pretty well*. hopefully by then i will have been able to get a new lap top *alien ware woot woot <---<<< hahaha said woot LOL* and a home server :).

    other than saying if i like it i will be playing as normal or if i don't like it i won't be playing really can't say about a year.

    unless it get me in to say "in a year i will pwn the world all will tremble before me and i will dominate all it will be epic. and i will spend all i need to spend in cash shop to do it."
    in which case consider it said :).

    thanks for the chance :)

    i am so bright my momma calls me son!
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    *Insert flashy sig here.*
    Jaico - Warrior - PI
  • razbor
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    After a whole year has passed i see my self on forsaken world maxed lvl on my marksmen helping new charters running instances and guding them in the game :D

    I suppose :D im pretty good at mmorpgs and strive to be the best at what i do maybe outpass the Gms hehehehehehe :P

    No im not but i am in a guild that will dominate the server :O so i believe

    i would be recongnized as a helpful person and the best in my class :))
  • quo13
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    -ahem- A year from now, I see myself owning nubs who think they're tough for no reason. My main Assassin and my alt(s) will hopefully be capped (depending on how hard/easy it is to lvl.)I'll also be fighting in guild/territory wars and running dungeons with my guild. The truth is, I'm usually not the type to think about the future, but I truly hope that I'll be playing FW will all my friends and that's what I hope for the most in a year from now.
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    In the next year i see my self playing FW and aming to be the best at PVP and with the best armour and maybe my own guild :D

    Yes i am i am a server ruler hahaha :cool:

    No but my future guild will rule all of Forsaken world :P

    Yes and i will also be and ill aim to be the best protector and make my name in the hall of fame......
  • zephelx
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    A year from now on Forsaken World...I see myself running end game content. I'd probably have several max level characters (because I'm an alt-aholic). I'd be playing with gaming buddies. Heck, I'd still be rolling alts to play around. When bored I'd work on crafting or helping people out with their characters/alts. I'd be theory-crafting the latest patch, and still giving my 5 cents because MMOs are ever evolving. My main would hopefully be a protector or priest, but whatever was needed at the time by my group of buddies is what I'd be.
  • dragavius
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    Well to begin, I want to say that I would be one of the best with all the fantastic gear and fashion etc etc... but To be honest I just want to spend time with my friends. We all enjoy PWE games and they mean a lot to us. It's a way for us to escape and be our selves rather than hide behind masked faces that we pretend to be in real life. I want to be the best and I'd like to say I'd be there but I just want to see myself strong and happy in that years worth of time and I hope that forsaken world can help get me there.
  • bane86
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    One full year from now? That's a lot of time. When i play a game that long, I'm usually a sucker for going back and helping newbies/lowbies with their quests and goals. Also, with one years time, i should have a pretty beefy Protector and a wicked Mage. Atleast two weapons in my arsenal of Newbie Assistance. You can make that come true, GM. All you have to do if LET ME IN TO THE BETA> :)
  • triqqer
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    hmm in a year alot can happpen but if i start from the first day of open beta i think i'll be well known in a game,just like ether saga i played over a year something....

    i dont need to dominated a game but that would be nice...i'll probably be like in the top 10-50 on lvl ranking and PKing everyone i dont like LOL that what i love about open PvP if forsaken world has open pvp.

    and MORE and MORE and MORE DRAMA !! lol (sorry about the caps)
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