Phase 1 giveaway part 3



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    Posted on the wrong account sorry :X
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    In a year, I would be one of the lucky bards in the most epic guild ever, Eclipse! Our guild will be on top of Forsaken World and other players would wish to be in our guild. “Oh wait that chick, she’s in Eclipse….so luckkky!!! I wish I was her!”. "Too bad so sad. We were recruiting during CB".

    As I do in other PWI games, I might clutter my bag and stash with the many of the wonderful fashions and eventually run out of space and cry -.- . I can also see myself working hard for a decent weapon and gear. Because I lack patience, I might end up buying it from someone but my goal is to craft most of the stuff I need myself. Never really works out that way thought. Lets just see. : ) Also i will be taking advantage of PvP and try to challenge myself as to how far I can get.
    Rebel Priest-Elf-50
    Guild- Eclipse
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    In 1 year I see myself as one of the members of the top guild in the biggest server in Forsaken World. Together we will make the one guild that conquered the hardest dungeons first and won the most PvP battles.

    I will be a player that you can count on no matter what and be there for my fellow guildies. My name will be known among the top player circle, but also among those who just started out and needed a helping hand. Furthermore, I will have the most glamorous clothes and the cutest mount in the Forsaken World ^^
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    Oh and btw, those questions are so dam funny!

    would've love to enter on this one...

    Guild: Phoenix
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    Its all about the've been warned...
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    First off.. Hello :)
    Now that the small talk is out of the way. 1 year from now I see myself as the same fun loving uber friendly and comical person that I am today. Though some differences would be that I will be the best tank in all of Forsaken World. I will be the god of tanks. Not just the god of tanks but also the god of gods. I will be a fair god. I will throw many parties and events for all my faithful followers and yes there will be plenty of tacos and waffles. xD Though with all godly duties there will also be things to enforce and examples to be made. The first examples will be of all those who have quick posted on this topic to reserve a spot. *smacks on head with rolled up Forsaken World Times newspaper* BAD Bad bad Forsakeners. lol

    Hmmm.. My plans of godliness may be short lived. I see myself probably getting forced to mortal status by my "FAITHFUL" followers. Well that is just one of many possible paths that I plan to journey down. I also see myself in 1 year as a great collector and adventurer. I want to explore every inch of Forsaken World. To uncover ever secret and collect lots of treasures, materials, rare stones, gems, herbs and hidden artifacts. I would however not be a miser. I would gladly share my findings and my adventures with my friends and guildmates. Oh such wonderful adventures they would be and after a long day of adventuring and collecting I would spend the remainder of my day looking up at the stars and maybe telling a fortune or two. Like a boss! lol Of course there is the days that I don't feel like adventuring, collecting nor watching the skies. That is when I plan on fishing. I plan on being the big fish when it comes to fishing. I will be so good at fishing that it will be almost godly. *forsakeners grabbing torches and pitchforks* AHHH FOLLOWERS!!! I mean I will be so good at fishing that I will be.. real good.?.? xD I will just throw the hook right out into the water and yell "HERE FISHY FISHY FISHY FISHY!!!" and they will run, jump, crawl or fly right up onto the beach and into my many buckets. Yeah.. Fishing.. Like a boss!!

    So that will be the average day of a boss errr I mean me, a forsakener, 1 year from now. A god, an adventurer, a collector, astronomer, fortune teller, fisherman, tank, guildmate and a friend. With so many options I see myself doing anything and everything. All while having one hell of a good time doing it. :)
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    Where do you see yourself in Forsaken World after a whole year has passed? Are you an in-game god? Are you the leader of the guild that's dominated an entire server? Are you recognized as the games best fisher? Come up with whatever you want, the sky is the limit.

    I see myself having multiple characters near the level cap, each proficient at something different. I don't really see myself as a guild leader, but perhaps an officer. Unfortunately, I have a job, so I won't be able to play all day long like others. Therefore, god status is out of reach.

    I have an evil streak, so my PvP kills will probably be high. I won't be at the top player ranks, but I will be close to it. I won't be a well known killer, oh no, I will be the no name killer that mysteriously kills a lot of people.

    I see myself collecting limited time items for my own collection, as I am a pack rat that likes to have complete collections. Not to mention its always nice to show them off way down the road when no one who plays the game has that particular item anymore!

    I am also an achievement monger, and I like my lists to be complete.
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    Being in the heat of my house, hoping to reach a new adventure, so my dagger is raised again and I can help those who I admire and love and once again say "Welcome to Eyrda".


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    A year from now I'll see FW the exact same I'll (hopefully) see it a few days from now: a place of calmness. Too many see MMOs as a fierce competition or a royale of who can be the best, but that really kills what games are about.

    Games (especially RPGs and MMOs) are about the nature and tranquility and the Stress-relief that comes with it; offline has enough problems, why create more by such ferocious gameplay?

    I will be comforted every day by the surroundings and community: a guild, a daily mission and the wide open is all I need each and every day. Enjoying the world and being intertwined in the server's society means that everything I could want will come along my way.

    Next year, I will be experiencing the new content, just as the content is new now; the unknown is a rush and seeing it become known is a feeling that unmatched. Of course, there always needs to be some excitement.

    The relaxation that FW brings, assures I will never leave and that means I can mingle and become apart of the society that will help me live-up to that comfortable feeling.

    Why not experience peace for yourself? Just log-in to this world and just relax and absorb the vastness of everything around you.

    Why live by words, when I can be living by friends and a happy place.

    Will you relax with me?
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    Where do I see myself in a year? That's an easy question!

    I see myself as a dark goddess wreaking havoc in the world. I will gather my minions and dominate all, destroying those who oppose me. BWAHAHAH!
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    Race: Elf
    Class: Bard
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    In a year, i'm probably not going to be a god, since i don't plan to become one, but i'm going to have cap lvl and best equipments. Even tho i'm not a god, i will be able to fight them equally in battle. I will have the best set of equipments and i will max their +s.. i will refine them like crazy.

    I have explored all the aspects of the game in battle. I would be very experienced in Dungeons since i've been constantly doing them for months to get the best equipments. I would be very experienced in professions too, especially in the Tamer area. I'll be one of the best tamers in the game.

    I'll have the highest kill count for my class, or if not i'll still be one of the strongest pvp players out there. I'll master the Soul PVP system as it really helps in PVP or PK. Even though i'll be marksmen who's said to be squishy.. Through my extensive set of equipments and my knowledge on the best order of the skill, i'll be able to fight 3 guys at once (at least) and still win.

    I have explored my class, which is marksmen, thoroughly. I have tried all tree talent trees and decide which is the best suited for my playing style. Judging as of now, i think i would probably choose the Control/Soul system.

    My current guild (Phoenix) will be one of the best guilds on the map. We would conquer most of the areas there are. We will be the leading guild. You will see the name phoenix dominating most of the map.

    I will be rich. I won't be able to achieve half of my goals without money. Money is important, to buy the refining items, to buy mats, to buy extra equipments, etc. I will be famous. Everyone in the game would know my name, through PVP or simply through world chats. But all will know me.

    This is not just a dream i set for this contest.. This is the goal i made from the beginning in every MMO i've played.. And I've successfully done so in most, although not all.. I plan on becoming all of this.. I realize fully this is not achievable without the use of real money and the amount of time i spent with it.. And that's just what I have.. I have the time and I have the cash.. I will be the best player out there..
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    In a year from now if this game has held my attention for that long, I would most likely be some amazing god-like player with super awesome gear that can kill most of the server within a few spells, as a bard. Then to glorify myself in my own awesomeness I will make videos of PvP content that will hopefully be guild vs guild battles in one way or another because the thing I loved most about PWI was territory wars. I will make awesome videos that will gain thousands of views and I will have people pming me almost every day asking how I became so amazing as a bard.

    As for my opposition it will be full of rich cash shoppers that will try to save the server from my wrath, even though I'm a nice guy who just likes to own in PvP. Yet no matter how much they try to focus me I will somehow come out alive and continue to be amazing and my legacy will live on. <--- it will be something like that
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    I will open one brothel in the town and dance naked all night with all my friends female bard around.
    Party Hard for all.


    Cmom guys! Join me in the Paradise!!
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    if a year passed on fw i see myself as one of the top healers for my friends, i help anyone whos fighting around me to begin with so i would be the top healer, i see myself with the best gear i can get so that i can be helpful to my friends that i get to join, if i count ill be healing all my friends as we lvl up for gear soooo hmmm 14 friends and ill be the only healer since they dont like to heal but i do hehe now im rambling o.o but anyway, i enjoy healing so its wonderful to keep fighting without having to sit down really its wonderful to be of use =^.^=
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    I see myself hanging out with all my friends, building up an recognizable alliance. We shall win the world over with our crazy awesomeness...actually...we will probably scare people away with our weirdness.

    Hm...might have to re-think the whole plan now!
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    i see myself as one of the servers top mage.having fun with my guild and flirting with everyone <_< there nice and simple lol
    Kindred Mage:levl.****
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    I will probably be doing what I do now. Making funny videos, tutorials, and random comics on Forsaken World!

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    a year from now im going to be the best in my class with the best gear and the #1 fisher everyone will know my name a year from now there will be gods then there will be me THE GOD.Im also gonna do my best to help everyone in my guild to be the best in there class.
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    xD if is lvling like in pwi for 1 year(thats couz i need to learn)i will be (lvl 1) lvl max...i will have a wife (and i think 2 chilldrens)and i will be best pvp player i will kill anyone who tach my wife (or chilldrens)
    i be very sexy and strong and o yea i will become immortal god!!!!!! thats not all
    if u dont like my post tell me now i dont wanna wait for nothing like phase 1 giveawey part 2
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    Ummm.....playing Forsaken World still, as well as the other pwerfect world games.
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    In a year... my bard is gonna be a part of the most known rock band in the game! An elf rock star FTW =D Of course it doesn't mean that I won't keep all my pretty fluffy hats o.0 Rawrrr Screeeeew the harp! I will play an electric guitar =D (how do you know PWE wouldn't add them to the game for real one day 0.0). With a friend stoneman playing drums, warrior playing the bass and a cuuute female dwarf as a singer, we will conquer the forsaken world! =D
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    Wenn i logg in in 1 year i gone need 1 hour to answer all my friends mails.
    Saridon gone be a all known name in this world ((:
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    In a year from now....I hope to actually be playing Forsaken World instead of waiting for it to be released.

    Best Regards
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    In one year from now, I hope to be the best crafter there is on the servers, I love crafting to death. I would know where all the mats are and every recipe. I would be the person people come to, to ask for help and crafting advice. I would gladly hang around noob areas in hopes that one would have a question for me and if given the chance show them the way and provide basic mats for them to explore the system with.

    In one year from now, I hope to be a leader if not an important member of a long lasting guild to be feared in combat. Helping our guild with quests, dungeons, gear and spirit are important aspects to have, along with a friendly and open guild chat logs. Working together and bonding, a guild can achieve great things. As well as make great friends along the way.

    In one year, I plan on Testing the game to its fullest. I plan on trying to find the bugs so that this game becomes more successful and easier and more enjoyable to play. Using my knowledge gained from video game design classes and my 3 yrs of college level programming and video game making experienced, I will try to find as many bugs as possible along with trying to include a detailed report along with possible solutions.

    In one year, I plan on being the best bard i can be. I will learn the ins and outs of bard so that I could play it in my sleep. Helping people achieve great things is what life is about but making friends is just as important. I feel that if I play the role of a support/buff class, I would be more focused on helping people rather than just trying to kill them. of course thats not to say that I would be limited to bard to just helping. After a year, I would most if not all classes decked out and max level. So that I could help people with all classes and I could play depending on my mood.

    In one year, I see myself playing a game that has evolved over time into a great game full of new untold stories and loads of stories of fun and exciting events. I see how the game has evolved because of the amount of care the staff and admins have put into the game. I see more classes and adventures to be had. I see a game that can possibly rival that of games like wow and final fantasy. I see a game with infinite possibility. I see Forsaken World.
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    Thats a really good question. In 1 year of Forsaken World, i will find my self as a friend who is known to most and even thy enemies. I will be known for my achievements, kindness and hardship which has lead me to where i am. Using every day gone by to be the "best" of the best. With my giant sword at hand (Warrior reference :3) i will be the "GodofWar", where enemies and enemy guilds shall fear my name and thus wanting to become my rivals for the glory of my position. I will be the person to have changed and altered a change withing Forsaken World. From the skies down to earth, people will notice a difference from the first day they witnessed the game(Environmental change reference :3) . Being at the top of the chain, i will have mastered the ways of the game, gained the most out of everything. Having full-filled the desired goals of the past, i will be a leader, a teacher and person to guide to those who are new. I will teach the everyday generation about the game and form a group in order to one day become a "legendary" legacy of Forsaken World Online.

    This is where i see my self with-in 1 year of Forsaken World and i plan to make it happen ;].
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    I WILL be a God amongst men. I shall devour anyone who stands in my way. I shall make the GM's my slaves and the players my minions. NO ONE shall stand against me. I shall rule the greatest Guild and make legends of thy members. Who ever so belief in me, shall have ever lasting life in my Forsaken World.

    -Signed God
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    1 Year from now i see myself being the fashion guy, having all, or at least most of the sets of clothing available. Also i plan on being recognized as knowing how to play my class (mage) really well, possibly the best, but hiding some of the talent when in random parties so as to not get constantly pestered for advice. I mean i will answer all the questions asked, but keeping it low so i can actually play, if you can tell what I mean. I'll shoot for being the best, but being known as the 4th-6th best on the server.

    So yeah, the smexy skillful mage pretty much sums up what i'm going for. XD
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    Where do you see yourself in Forsaken World after a whole year has passed? Are you an in-game god? Are you the leader of the guild that's dominated an entire server? Are you recognized as the games best fisher? Come up with whatever you want, the sky is the limit.

    I'm planning on playing a protector in Forsaken world and possibly other classes as I go along. Mainly I will be on the protector. In a year I can see myself being a huge factor in the guild wars and being one of the best Protectors in the server. Whether its winning lands for my faction and taking over the world, or its protecting a small squad in instances helping me and my friends gear up our characters, I can see me being a top Protector.

    Also I'm planning on joining a PvP server, and in a year I see myself being if not the first ranked then one of the top ranks in PvP kills on the server for protectors. I may not be the leader for a faction (I dont have very good leading skills in games) but I plan on being a huge role model for a faction and being one of the best in the faction. I will make sure all my friends and faction members will be working hard for their gear. Considering I want to be a protector, I will be in the perfect position to group up squads and attempt instances fighting as many blood-thirsy monsters as we can. Hopefully gear will come easily but if not I am ready for a death filled battle.

    I have been waiting for this game ever since it was announced. I've been working and waiting to get into this beta and I really hope I can. I've been in many mmorpg games but now im stuck waiting to play Forsaken World. If i get into this beta or not, I will be looking forward to this game.

    Thank you for the chances you are bringing everyone to get into the beta.
    Hope I'm one of the lucky candidates.
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    After 1 whole year, I am a legend. A player which will be known by all. Feared by my enemies, loved by my friends and admired by those who know me from by stories. An all rounded well build warrior dominating as a god.

    But also very lonely, because I will be untouchable to most players, and what I will be longing for is a worthy opponent who dare to defy at the cost of his/her life. Of course I am only an individual, a leader of my guild, which still has to make its appearance. So after a year, my friends and I will be the guild of the server that we will still have to choose as our home. The guild which will be remembered by all. Because this special effect my guild has and will always have in any game that we play. Good luck to all, hope everyone get rewarded with a CB acces ^^.

    So see you all soon, guild leader Lelouchi vi Memoire has made his appearance on FW officially =x.
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    Where I see myself in one year? Did I apply for a job, or did I sign up for a game? ;)
    Anyway, I think I'll be in a pretty decent position. I am part of a very promising International Multi-gaming Guild. We have only been playing Aika until now, because we only existed for about half a year now, but we have been very successful in it and proven efficient. I am one of the higher ranked members in the Guild and I think me and Sovereign can do a lot to improve the gaming experience for many other players as well, by either being formidable foes or outstanding allies. I know that my guild and I will make it far and I see myself as a member of one of the best and most well known guilds on the server in that year.
    But above all, as a part of Forsaken World's history. I think that playing a quality game like this from the beginning, beta-testing, witnessing all the ups and downs and seeing people rise to the status of a god, guilds accomplishing more than you may ever have thought they would or the farewells of beloved or even hated players and guilds makes it so much more special and you become a part of it's history.
    So you could say I see myself as a part of Forsaken world in one year. I may not be the most popular player in the game, a server god, or the best alchemist that world has ever seen, but I will have made a difference and I WILL be one of the many wheels, which many spins have made a difference.
    Sovereign - Forsaken World Officer
    >>> Got questions about Sovereign? <<<
    >>> Do you want to be part of us and apply? <<<
    Contact me! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Or go directly to:
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    After a year of this game, I will have spent all of that time making and growing my warrior to the best it can possibly be. I will be part of one of the most powerful, influential guilds within the game. I don't intend to become famous in-game by any means, but to do my part as a member and play how I want to. I will have become the God of War, and God of Transportation at least once. Will I be recognized as the game's best fisher? Only if I can fish with my sword.
    My time will be spent running instances, helping others with quests/bosses/dungeons, farming to have the most epic gear that I can equip my character with, and engaging in pvp and territorial wars. I will have become a master of crafting and have my own business crafting rares for guildies, friends, and the world.
    I will probably spend a lot of time helping out newbies that have just started the game. Plenty of time will be spent gaining knowledge of the game itself and how things work. I intend to write a few guides for my class, how to do certain instances, and pvp. Anyone who has a question, I will try to find the answer. But above all... I WILL own the Triceratops mount. It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.
    Server:Lost City
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