Any news regarding advanced class chamge mats?

sylzaree Posts: 26 Arc User
Any news regarding advanced class change mats that are meant to appear in cs shop?
Been a long while now, can any GMs shred some light into this?


  • jonnyisland1
    jonnyisland1 Posts: 50 Arc User
    There are many other items missing what should be in the game already... Where are those adv. pack score tokens or emblem of victory at npc mysterious old man or npc Ur Gianne got items we cant buy. Lets hope for an anniversary wonder ;)
  • eric#2297
    eric#2297 Posts: 1 Arc User
    Can any GMs give us a reply?
  • silentblowz
    silentblowz Posts: 40 Arc User
    why this post says answered when no answer?
  • childishsmile
    childishsmile Posts: 29 Arc User
    Well if you not read the news about pwe been bought out and that end of this month we find out what the new company gonna do with this platform we be waiting for what we want for a while
  • nyxdeath001
    nyxdeath001 Posts: 168 Arc User
    if people wonder why we cant get those items missing, is because those items came from CN GM's events and some other stuff only available for CN
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