Dyos's virtue quest missing

Hello !

For my dual soulpower quest I have finished the quests upto the dyos npc . I got the quest to open dyos' virtue but the npc has no quest . Is it broken or am I missing something .


  • melankoliskvad
    melankoliskvad Posts: 9 Arc User
    Happened to me as well.
    Not sure if the exact same thing happened for you.
    The quest showed up for a split second and then disappeared before I could move, to never come back for that character.
    I didn't find any solution to this problem so I ended up making a inheritor that luckily turned out to be more fun to play.

    I'm still trying to solve it though since I want to get some answers.
  • mxpthree
    mxpthree Posts: 7 Arc User
    try log out and back in
  • tara#6530
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    edited December 2021
    I had tried everything , even did all breakthrough quests. Lastly I had to delete my jug.
    Created another inherit , warden and I did manage to finish the quest on it. Might be some weird pop up quest bug .

    But I am enjoying playing warden more than jug , I was thinking what is the point of that class ? And the third tree I was playing with awful long CDs. And the first tree did not feel on par with other classes like warden in terms of damage .