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Why this game is not popular... At all. Nor new players friendly. Hence so desolated...

senrinsenrin Posts: 824 Arc User
I keep it short.

If you survive the huge class imbalance

And you can face with honest heart the gap between cashers and common players

If you do not mind the m0r0ns acting like what they are ruining the few pvp left

If you can forget the Freemium **** all over the place

If you can wait ages for any bug fix and hoping for better communication with the staff

If you can fill the boredomness since game has not that much to offer besides neverending pve farm

If you like seeing more NPCs than real players

If you are stuck here like walking in a black desert not looking for any other shore to swin in

Then it's the game for you!

No troll, just a bit of irony here and there.


  • ediraedira Posts: 479 Arc User
    You forgot

    If you have found friends here and don't want to leave them behind ^^
    Server: Dyos - Kindred Fire Mage
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  • senrinsenrin Posts: 824 Arc User
    Until your friends start leaving too, that's the issue there...
  • samdaou3108samdaou3108 Posts: 1 New User
    There were a lot of people before. But now, the game is too old and there are much better games, so a lot of players are leaving :( ...
  • senrinsenrin Posts: 824 Arc User
    Do not think the main issue is the fact game is old, but mainly the lack of "love" by the company.

    Kinda funny the lack of love just posted the St. Valentine's Day!

    Oh, well, so true anyways...
  • ataraxia#2202 ataraxia Posts: 22 Arc User
    edited April 2018
    It's not all bad though, I dropped 20 dollars total. maybe got items from orbs worth 50 gold. Maybe. But as everyone who still plays knows about the purple scrolls. From this event in the last two weeks. With around 15 alts whose existence is only for my well being. I will/have made probably around 6 Diamonds. Maybe 7 or 8. Which is the most money I have ever had in the 2 years I have played. yes. I am happy.

    C'mon, pets with skills, I can make the pots I use, the food I eat, the weps I use, I can catch pets, I can do instances daily with other people or solo. I can pk maybe 2 people a week. Unless I go to x -server. Then it's daily. There is a few ways to make real gold. Way fewer on making fake gold, but I know all the ways. And sometimes I get lucky.
    Eyrda (PvP) East
    Lvl 110 wind mage (human) - Godifer - Born Nov 2017 -
    botany 9(Max), alchemy 9(Max), chef 10(Max), fish 7 (Max), soc 6, mine 9, adv 5, tame 2, merchant 1, salvage 9(Max), wep&armor smith 6, jewel 1.
  • raven#3594 raven Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited May 2018
    Well since I came back from a long 3 year stint the only thing that I have not seen change is how much money players actually spend lol however that is how it is not that bad depending on your point of view. To some the game is boring and to others its good but like I said it depends on the individuals themselves.
    There is money to be made ..yes it takes time to do it just like getting gear, rings, necklesses etc but its about really how much patience that you have to endure it. Frankly I thought this game would have closed up by now but it will not just as long as money is being pushed into it.
    This game reminds us that even tho this is a game its no different than the real world you have the natural order of things the haves and the have nots.
  • lolnotyfglolnotyfg Posts: 296 Arc User
    It's a failing game because they don't advertise to grow the player base and they don't take care of the veterans.The only bugs that are fixed with any urgency are ones that prevent players from spending money.
  • filippo#8496 filippo Posts: 5 Arc User
    Maybe, until last year he deserved it, but for some time now, you have to be at the top right away (or have all friends like that) or you do not go ahead, unfortunately, has taken the road of pay-to win and this is also why I'm seriously considering quitting ... unfortunately I'm fond of FW, but it's not so stimulating anymore if it works this way.
    Before if you could not spend some money, you could reach a goal with time (in fact you paid not to wait let's say), even a long time, but it was feasible, now not ... at least, this is my personal point of view, I do not mean to be offensive, however, it is not a bad game indeed, I hope it goes on and endures over time, I remain a bit of affection towards Fw, always.

    (sorry for some error,i used google traslate .-.)
  • skrooll#3656 skrooll Posts: 2 Arc User
    well how to play the game if some players using hacks? gm's know it and they dont care.

    Low content, there is nothing to do if u hit max lvl.
  • qqqqiiqqqqii Posts: 4 Arc User
    Best solution to the problems of playing a game you don't enjoy: stop.

    Has worked great for me.
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