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Immortals are back!



  • Hello! I just joined! Never been in the forums and did not play games. I am writing here because I havent got an opportunity to create new topics, and I don’t even know where to post the greeting. I am very glad that I found you. Before that, I was fond of poker and other gambling. It was great, but I wanted to change something. I was always devoted to one platform and made pretty cool winnings. BUT times are changing. And I want something new in life. I am here/ It means that my soul needs something new. thanks

    Well done! Welcome! You will like it here
  • Thanks, i think it's good
  • Thanks, i think it's good

    Thanks! I will do it soon!
  • morrissel311#4833 morrissel311 Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited December 2021
    Wow, so happy to read this. glad that i came across this website. https://19216811.bid/ https://panoramacharter.ltd/
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