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Scheduled Maintenance - 7/20/21

anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 897 Perfect World Employee

Server Maintenance Announcement

Maintenance will be occurring on (7/20/21) at 23:00 PT.

We expect the maintenance to last approximately 4 hours. The servers will be unavailable during this time. The maintenance will be a server reset and some internal adjustments. The team continues their efforts on the reported issues following the update.

***Reminder: Maintenance times are subject to change. We ask that you please be patient and bear with us, as our offices are being affected by epidemic precautions.***

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!


  • nyxdeath001nyxdeath001 Posts: 143 Arc User
    top corzo
  • vampire#2790 vampire Posts: 343 Arc User
    Iruli fixed this week?

    Also all Vamp's other suggestions.

    Also what's the maintenance night discussion topic this week?

    Check out and subscribe to Vamp's YouTube channel! A new video every week, least until Vamp runs out of content o/
  • ichdummichdumm Posts: 450 Arc User
    edited July 21
  • sweetestdawnsweetestdawn Posts: 13 Arc User
    when will we get class transfer token? the days keep counting down but no item for it :/
  • ichdummichdumm Posts: 450 Arc User
    NO CHANGES ! Still EVERY BUG still stays. SHAME ON YOU !!
  • jorgil#5670 jorgil Posts: 1 Arc User
    Fw must do somthing about all bugg,fixing npc,random disconect,werry high ping etc,some servers are dieng cause more players quit each day,why they quit? easy answer,from where to pass purity on a server that still got a few mains that still playng,need 50 just a dream,dont carre so much about selling orbs Fw cause each day you loose more customers if not fix whats need.Thank you for playng 12 years here and no change same story as always.
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