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Login Event any time soon?

Thank you for the new code after 3 months how about a nice 12-day login event? Do we have to wait until the holidays officially start in late November thru New Years for one?

Legit replies are appreciated.

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  • whisper02whisper02 Posts: 13 Arc User
    edited March 14
    Thank you for the extended 40-day login event. Even though only 2 mercs per day not the normal 3 per day I am happy we had it.

    Might there be a chance we get another long login event like the last one with 3 mercs a day?
    Also it has been a long time many months since we had a code of any kind. I could be wrong but think Thanksgiving or end of Novemebr 2020 was the last time we got a code for anything at all. Gifts really help out a lot like the grand gem items etc.

    Again thank you for the 40-day login event from November to early January, and maybe you can consider my questions above too.

  • vampire#2790 vampire Posts: 218 Arc User
    Yw but Vamp not a mod and didn't even get to press the button to turn on the login event QQ. But if FW want to hire one, Vamp will work for leaves
    Only part time though cause Vamp still need do Vamp's current job.

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