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Help with reaper build

tatermegatatermega Posts: 12 Arc User
LF help with making a Brawl/bind hybrid build.


  • requiem4morarequiem4mora Posts: 1 New User
    Hi. I am that build but more a pure shadowbind reaper with my secondary tree been brawl. It is not a good idea to mix the trees, as the trees are polar opposite to each other. For example, shadow is extremely tanky and has beautiful shields and defence by lower in dmg compared to the other trees. Brawl is less defence, higher (3-5x mora) damage than shadow with some lovely recovery skills. I highly suggest building two trees, it will be the most useful. Use to have the hybrid tree, but that was a terrible idea.
  • tatermegatatermega Posts: 12 Arc User
    Sorry, havent posted and tried it out for myself, and have to say mixing them is a good idea, i have high dps and blood mail without a run and more aoe due to mixing them so yea i disagree but thanks for the input.
  • xsevastakisxsevastakis Posts: 2 Arc User
    Making a hybrid tree brawl and bind is so easy now and for me is recommended in pvp. Can include blood blast and blood mail together with some more damaging or more defensive talents depending on your build.
  • almightysaintsalmightysaints Posts: 61 Arc User
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