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AFKers in FF, time to teach the ungrateful a lesson

wolfenstormwolfenstorm Posts: 135 Arc User
Instead of just queuing into FF and afking due to how unbalanced the fighting system has been constructed, just stop going into the x-server and stop queuing for FF altogether.


  • senrinsenrin Posts: 824 Arc User
    But you'll be surprised who hides behind those afkers...
  • wolfenstormwolfenstorm Posts: 135 Arc User
    I am guessing alts of the mains who are doing the actual fighting.
  • jostermanjosterman Posts: 14 Arc User
    The amount of AFK in FF is ****. My guess is the same as wolfenstorm's.
    Ozmann - Lionheart
  • nikonistinikonisti Posts: 3 Arc User
    The "AFKers" are Dualing. The problem of the FF is that if you get a match or two in a working day, you HAVE TO Dual + AFK with one char at a time to get the daily points. Don't blame the players if the game is slowly dying.
  • xena#6497 xena Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited August 2019
    the afkers has and still is a problem that the game operators will not address there should have been a solution long ago and some sort of real fairness to the players who are either lower lvls or higher lvls. But like I said nothing was ever done so you have what you have and as long as money talks ...well you know the rest.
  • onistasisonistasis Posts: 35 Arc User
    Originally the kick system used to work if u afked not sure why but it has been broken for a lonnnnng time
  • jespervestman12jespervestman12 Posts: 93 Arc User
    In HH it works If u afk u get less point and no itame at all. And in ff kick system worked as above said NO idé If they removed it or just broken.for The ff part
  • Hmm not much perfect world can do I mean they can tell the studio what needs to be done but in the end that team has to want it. Now if Perfect world would come in and take full control instead of hosting handing it over to a place like cryptic studios you'd see a whole new revamp bugs fixed each patch. Plus loads of content economy fixes etc.. There are things this studio is doing that is just not thinking. One I noticed is binding the gem cards gems nooo you want people to start selling those so you can sell fusions cards along with gem cards. There are tricks and tips to c-store not just fill it and sit on it. Also adding account wide items they sell like hotcakes. The leaf to coins system needs a new ui to get people working the conversion selling more. The game has a huge chance for a comeback this team is puttering out.
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