Bring Back the gold for guilds from rift even if win or lose please


I don't know about other servers but Storm has multiple small guilds who use rift as a way to help fund their guild maintenance. Having to bid on a land and not see any reward from bidding is not a sustainable system for any guilds.

We've won some land but haven't seen any gold rewards either given to the guild.

Please bring back the gold rewarded to guilds big or small win or lose who manage to win a rift bid. Please help big and small guilds continue to gain gold to help maintain their bases.

Thank you!

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  • bloodreaperfw
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    Doubt they'll even listen, it's all about orbs, csing these days. They want us to cs for guild funds.
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    Vamp agree with Ev, guilds that participate in rift should get guild funds, that was the best way to keep guild funds up to keep guild base before patch.

    Also an extra Vampire this, Vampire that for bellsniffer
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  • feuerchen
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    i agree pls bring it back
  • isock#6686
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    well congrats forsaken world, witth the dwindiling player base and now this, going to kill off the game
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  • laphantome
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    So this topic shouldn't die.

    Rift lands that exist: 31.
    Total guilds on the map: 7
    Total guilds on Storm: over 99

    If each land has a rift fight that would be 62 fights. Right now the system isn't well set up. There's no incentive for small guilds to bid since there's no guild. Big guilds only get some crystals and combat licenses. Each expedition point costs 10g of the guild fund to bid. Maintenance costs about 81g 74 silver. My guild is one of the oldest on Storm. We've accumulated the gold overtime. Small guilds cannot win a rift land with how the system is set up and with the lack of gold, it doesn't provide a lot of incentive for them to bid since they're trying to grow.

    Of the 31 lands, how many have the chance of changing hands to a new guild to win and get reward? Less than 5. The rift system is currently broken on multiple levels and should be reevaluated. One of the evaluations is incentive to make guilds bid. The gold was a major factor for Storm for guilds to bid win or lose. I cannot speak for other servers but please bring back the gold for guilds who win or lose so that all guild bases may grow.

    That finance helps with the maintenance to keep bases. While we're at it, bring back combat licenses to all guilds who bid. Whats the point of having the mount quests if most can't even get the license to exchange for gold combat licenses?

    Before implementing changes to the system, please get some players to run a User experience test for feedback.

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  • ihascupquake#7331
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    yosias said:

    well congrats forsaken world, witth the dwindiling player base and now this, going to kill off the game

    I think its on the axe block already I just hope we get zen compensation bases on tier level. Rest in peace FW