How active is the game?

I played about five years ago, grew weary of it then recently began again. Doesn't seem anywhere as active as it once was. I noticed that it can take just this side of forever to build a party for an instance (if you even can). Guess this game is on it's way out? The powers that be need to open up all the instances to solo as well as party, i won't sit for literally hours waiting for a run. Getting bored devs and when i get bored i don't spend in the cash shop.....


  • duskofdoom
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    I'll say that for NA Servers its West for most active server :3 imo
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  • ethnography#7298
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    I agree, the most active server would be the west. I just created a new character there.
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    Offtopic, but how do I log into the Arc games launcher? I want to play this game and try it out, but I cannot loginto to the launcher. I can loginto this website but not the launcher.
    The launcher says, " Your sign in information does not match our records, please try again."

    I tried 17 attempts to sign in so far. I checked that caps lock was off, I tried typing it slowly, and I also tried copy-pasting it.