Sleepless Carnival rewards npc

Fix soon please, Vamp want a tiger smiley to follow Vamp around all day

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  • galadhwen23
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    they were supposed to "fix" it 2 weeks ago, same happened with the pet "fix" last week, which didnt happen ;D
    so it seems that for these past 3 weeks instead of fixing bugs, the maintenances have just added more of them lel
  • hirameraa#1337
    hirameraa#1337 Posts: 32 Arc User
    u no need to fix carnival exchange npc, if there no carnival
    smart pwe :D
  • sptblade
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    need to fix the FF, it is very harmful when it is inactive
  • ichdumm
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    edited August 2020
    Wich carnival npc to fix ????? Carnival is OVER (???)

    OK,Ok we have tis not working valentine event instead XD
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  • cosmos#8789
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  • barffy
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    Dar sleepless quests still broken and dar personal stash rewards is still broken.
    GJ FW, Awesome coding work
  • lindy#9151
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    They said they fixed Sleepless Carnival, still no place to spend 9th annv. coins. Unless you want to bet on the horses.
  • lindy#9151
    lindy#9151 Posts: 33 Arc User
    where do you get the characters for the quests?
  • lindy#9151
    lindy#9151 Posts: 33 Arc User
    Aurora Beam challenge is broken on lionheart