At An Impasse

I guess this post is more for the devs / powers that be. I'm a level 90 Sin on LionHeart, I got there without any instances whatsoever because it's become pretty much impossible, (in my experience anyway), to find anyone to party up with. I've literally sat for an hour waiting. Nothing. Other than the daily and a few minor quests, I can't advance. Presumably this is because there aren't anywhere near as many people as there was when i played some years back and this game has become more of a "social" site for a few of the old-timers to get together and shoot the dookey. Since nearly all the instances needed to advance are party only, you've made it nearly impossible for any "newcomers" to play and advance. If nothing else, how about making the instances, ALL of them available once or twice a week for solo play? As it stands and since there really isn't much more that i can do, i (like others, i'm sure) will likely be uninstalling the game soon. Ah well...there ARE other games...


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    Did you world chat for a Party?
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