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friend list bug

Z_Thunder - EyrdaZ_Thunder - Eyrda Posts: 1 Arc User
edited August 2011 in Bug Reports
please fix the friend list.... i cant open FOES list, cant remove someone from my block list(accidentally blocked my friend)... cant send party invite (have to right click on a friend's name rather than use the shortcut at the bottom) cannot open friend list settings... not sure if its a bud... but just fix this....
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  • MAGNITE - Storm LegionMAGNITE - Storm Legion Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited August 2011
    same problem
  • padawan1padawan1 Posts: 81 Arc User
    This is still an issue and I was advised by support to update here - No one likes to be stalked in game and blocking the person does not resolve anything, years later this is still a bug, your characters name remains in their friends list allowing them to see where you are at all times.
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