Back from the dead after 5 years

With the coronavirus pandemic we're facing right now, I thought I'd come back to this game while in quarantine. Is Eyrda still active? Which guilds are still active? My bard is so outdated but I would love to find someone or guild which I could run things with but I'd like to know what's the situation is like in Eyrda first. :)


  • duskofdoom
    duskofdoom Posts: 141 Arc User
    Well 2 guilds left, Catalyst and Booster o;
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  • melissaheart12
    melissaheart12 Posts: 2 Arc User
    Ah I was in Booster before I left and I think it was during the time Booster and barcode had that rivalry going on. I still wouldn't mind coming back to fw but I legit have no idea where to begin and without a guild, it seems almost impossible to get around. :/