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  • unusualsuspect1unusualsuspect1 Posts: 694 Arc User
    kannary26 said:

    Are you trying to expose the hacks of the ones close to you too? or just the ones you dont like at all?

    In my ideal scenario, no one would get banned because the game already has threateningly few people. I would want the ability to exploit be taken away from everyone, regardless of who they are and what guild they're in, and then let the chips fall where they may afterwards. The idea being that it wouldn't matter, what with the game's typical power progression, whatever gains were illegitimately earned, would be all but insignificant in 12 months anyway and it would eventually rebalance.

    At this point now though, it doesn't matter any more.
  • clyfy23#1717 clyfy23 Posts: 3 Arc User
    some ppl here claiming that you gotta know how a class works in order to call it cheat or non cheat, well let me tell you mate that i have been playing this (now) lame game for more than 6 years and i know how most of the classes work, kinda because i have played most of them, being a priest my main char now

    it is NOT legit seeing random (not even top strong) elemental warriors (and i repeat, elemental, not aegis) getting perma 100k crits in fjord or arena and getting mana drained by me + a water bard and getting their full mana and hp back within 1 second, for like 5 minutes straight and nonstop, having no blood vamp or priest or ANYONE else around, and once that warrior eventually died, he came back to the altar in fjord and did the exact same thing, getting over 100k crits nonstop and its hp and mana kept going upand up, not even using anima shields (i play with effects on all the time)

    it is NOT that rio skill, i know how rio works and i know the heal skills warriors have

    i have also seen warriors spam DU, like literally spam it twice or even 3 times in one arena round

    and, to finish with this fishy matter, i have seen a warrior respawning after dying in an instance in illyfue with instant full hp+mana, when the normal thing would be spawning with a 10% or so of each?

    i have seen that happening in 2 warriors so far, im not gonna call names, will just say 1 is from illyfue and another one is from tytan, but from this last server i just mentioned theres LOADS of reports and complaints about the way they play, especially in pvp, as there seems to be more "fishy skills" involved than just the DU+hp thing i said before from warriors
    (who knows, maybe that warrior cs'd so much that he earned a "no DU cooldown" skill after reaching 100k dollas right?LoL)

    oh and they also gain stats out of nowhere, they all run around with gold weapons, 900+ crit dmg, 35k+ attack, lv33 wings, superman titles, etc BUT, let me guess, its all coming from an insane csing spree right? (daaaamn daniel, those cheap leaves they get from charging through a russian vpn must be helping loads!)

    we cant deny that theres fishy stuff going on, some people already admitted getting access to private servers, files, modifying skills, upcoming promos and boutique updates, so why all the "learn how classes work" thing? like man the EU servers had a huge exploiting situation months ago, ending up in massive perma bans, those ppl exploiting those treasures in your cross servers looks exactly like our cross server months ago, just different orbs (but in the end, same outcome, the need to exploit to be "good")

    hello @anole300#5837 its nice to post about server maintenances in this broken and exploited game innit?
  • galadhwen23galadhwen23 Posts: 191 Arc User
    ^ had to change account since it wouldnt let me post with this h u e
  • perseus#4589 perseus Posts: 40 Arc User
    edited January 2019
    dunno if temp or not but the aws guy vanished o.o at least on LH didnt seen him today/yesterday
    edit: just saw his vend pop back up
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    OneAutumnLeaf , cuddly tank -Lionheart
  • unusualsuspect1unusualsuspect1 Posts: 694 Arc User

    It's as if a rapist said that in his ideal scenario, women never existed, so he could have gotten rid of being a rapist. It is much easier not to worry about the existence of what surrounds us when we have to assume our capacity and power in decision making. In games there are always technical problems, in this game that has become something massive, but this doesn't change the fact that if individuals were noble and just, they would decline the use of those holes, of the trap, and nobody or anything could threaten the harmony of the community. But it's tempting to demand from administrators the elimination of all threats and to maintain a neglected and mediocre attitude towards one's autonomy. I'am very sure of it.


    Equating cheating in a game with [email protected]? WTF is wrong with you? Seriously, look in a mirror and ask that question.
  • unusualsuspect1unusualsuspect1 Posts: 694 Arc User
    Go seek help Copolong
  • anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 903 Perfect World Employee
    I'm not sure about any server merges, as they all took place before I came along. I've already asked support and the team to investigate what might be going on. Sifting thru the gossip, claims, and inappropriate tangents here, any actual information presented will be useful to the investigation. However, if this thread continues devolving, it will be closed.
  • unusualsuspect1unusualsuspect1 Posts: 694 Arc User
    @anole300#5837 support already has player side view videos of some of the hacks in action, and has for months, and then just force closed the investigation down for multiple people reporting.

    Passing this thread information along to support isn't going to yield any useful results to the player base's concerns. They have direct proof already.

    Someone, somewhere in PWE needs a kicking. If you want to help, but it may be that it's above your seniority level within the company, then find who is the right person to kick about this is, cos it's not the support team, we can tell you that right now
  • gio#4911 gio Posts: 790 Arc User

    I'm not sure about any server merges, as they all took place before I came along. I've already asked support and the team to investigate what might be going on. Sifting thru the gossip, claims, and inappropriate tangents here, any actual information presented will be useful to the investigation. However, if this thread continues devolving, it will be closed.

    finally, @anole300#5837 now send everything you guys claim to have as proof, vídeos, ss proofs from combat logs etc...

    'I had a dream that I was one, that became two, that became one again.
    I looked through my dark half's eyes and knew, the hunt must end.
    Now we shall see...what lies at the dream's end.' UrVa, the Archer

  • I'm not sure about any server merges, as they all took place before I came along. I've already asked support and the team to investigate what might be going on. Sifting thru the gossip, claims, and inappropriate tangents here, any actual information presented will be useful to the investigation. However, if this thread continues devolving, it will be closed.

    If your able too follow the gold from the exploited goods vender you can probably find out who is doing real money trade with him as well if that concerns you. The guy does not even play the game with a ' main ', and has earned so much free gold that is not going into his character, and you wont see him on the wealth list either because gold is hidden in the mail system and being sold too players in or around his circle.
  • galadhwen23galadhwen23 Posts: 191 Arc User
    january 2020 and game is even more broken than it was one year ago heh
    healbots keep happening, unlimited warrior souls keep happening, 4x dmg in pvp still happening
    bring it on bois, what else have you found lately?
  • vmiwoutervmiwouter Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited January 2020
    Lua script manipulation still ongoing people just repack their script and interfaces.pck file. (Why doesnt pwe check the files at launch its ridiculous that you can manipulate locally your files..oh well)
    Inferno bug guy still selling his stuffs daily.

    Bard att bug still working.

    Skills getting manipulated via elementskill.dll.

    Different overpriced currency ****.

  • jramsdenjramsden Posts: 45 Arc User
    Cheating seems rife in EU now just took a lot longer I guess, sad thing is people go looking for stuff to fight those cheating and have now become the cheaters themselves, finger pointing at anyone and everyone

    Sort your game out you are keen on blocking VPNs to cash in cheaper regions but what kind of income will there be when everyone disappears when every man and his cat has been handed the HRD auto heal or any of this other **** and ends up leaving due to how messed up it has become
  • invarvarinvarvar Posts: 34 Arc User
    Why are they hiding something? Put here all the bugs and cheats that you saw, put here the nicknames of the characters who use the cheats, why hide, let everyone see and know what is happening. All of the above are just empty words
  • mrfacefeelermrfacefeeler Posts: 1 Arc User
    30%hp and mana restore manual click or auto straight from hell road depths
  • galadhwen23galadhwen23 Posts: 191 Arc User
  • anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 903 Perfect World Employee
    The video is not available.

    As I've said before - issues like these as well as cheating claims and evidence, all need to be sent to support, as they have authority to punish people.
  • spiceywingsspiceywings Posts: 88 Arc User
    pwe does not punish people. can't be bothered, doesn't care, whatever. submit evidence, get robot response of it's being investigated and then closed and nothing changes. spend money on this game get out of jail free card is really just a visa :)
  • imaqtpie#6755 imaqtpie Posts: 6 Arc User
    There are no cheats on forsaken world. This video is from a private server..
  • jramsdenjramsden Posts: 45 Arc User
    edited January 2020
    Go to support and get nowhere, video was up for a few days before disappearing and the link to one guy providing things such as the auto heal you deleted.

    I get that it needs to go through support but the support is quite frankly sh1te and they don't care whatsoever and will continue to bury their heads till it passes.

    Theres not much you can do but say message support but there's not much they can do either or that they are willing to do, you can't manage the games you provide so why are you providing them?
  • jramsdenjramsden Posts: 45 Arc User
    edited January 2020
    > @imaqtpie#6755 said:
    > There are no cheats on forsaken world. This video is from a private server..

    Are you serious?

    I'm half tempted to go get it myself and stand there showing anyone and everyone the auto heal alone, guess there's nothing wrong and the player with mass amounts of warrior souls has legitimately sold 100,000s of those too then.

    This stuffs been going on for a long time now and a different set of people from a different region bringing the same exact issues up from the year before is obviously just nonsense.

    People that revive in PVE instances such as warriors that restore hp/mana instantly in seconds revive and do it again over and over while the healer hasn't even targetted them is just a lie?

    So many people now know about the heal alone on Illyfue server and it's across and used in multiple guilds so you tell me what doesn't exist you uneducated moron?
  • NA servers are providing more proof now about the issue. Likely because it affected us directly in PVP events recently. Some people have showed me some non generic responses from support and it would be appear that they are building a case against this to be sent over to their CN team for possible fixes. I'm guessing what they need is a more solid case (Even though I'm sure players on EU have been dealing with this for years now and submitting solid evidence :eyeroll: ). Like for example players who can drain mana, and having them drain on the person using the bot with no healer around and still have full mana. The player's HP and your damage against them being displayed when their HP bar still remains at full. SIN AOS ticking more then the HP they have and having their HP bar not move at all, especially with no healer around ( even though it should still probably move if someone is ticking 100K- 180K x5 :thinking: ) Fire dragoons bleeding 100% of their HP and stuff like that~ Also @anole300#5837 these issues are getting old, and I'm sure you are being spammed with messages now because of what is happening on NA servers with this so can you go ahead and close this thread please? We have EU and NA server's working against this now ( except for the user's of course ), and more then enough attention towards the issue. Support seems to be interested in this now based on what people have showed me and their responses such as acknowledging it by saying " heal bot issue " compared to " POSSIBLE violation " . It has been so many years since this has been going on but I guess we will just need to wait and see now what happens and if they can create a fix for this. @anole300#5837 we trust that you can use your influence as a moderator and any info you get from private messages to further back up any claims with your team about the current issue. Please keep us updated as a community when and if possible. Some sort of official message or update in the future from you would be good for everyone. Since support cannot always give us an update on what players need to hear for piece of mind. You got this @anole300#5837 , Best GM Ever xoxoxo ~~~~~~~~ 2020 and your still here and going strong. <3
  • imaqtpie#6755 imaqtpie Posts: 6 Arc User
    I think these people don't have the ~SKILL~ to understand how such people can heal so much.
    They use AoS and these infinitely more skilled people use battle aegis/regenerating shield/vampiric kiss to immune 3 ticks of dmg/etc can also have the same effect of HP not moving at all. There are no cheats on Forsaken World, only people with better ~understanding and ~skill and OP ~builds~ of the game. ty~

  • imaqtpie#6755 imaqtpie Posts: 6 Arc User
    or some meme sins who shoves 9/10 AoS straight into bleed immune effects.
  • imaqtpie#6755 imaqtpie Posts: 6 Arc User
    Jokes aside, this issue was taken up several times here on the forum years ago by Yanafel~ and others.
    It's quite funny now seeing the people who are users of this bot themselves back then say there were no cheats but as others get their hands on it and use recklessly the same people are now the ones complaining about hacks and cheats.
    Funny how it's only an issue when you're not the only ones using it anymore?? you must really think people are idiots..

    inb4 no fix and everyone will use just like EU servers. 9/10, breathtaking experience this game! -Gamers Magazine
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