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hey PWE, about that charge promo....

amarantosamarantos Posts: 3,057 Arc User
just wanted to say thanks for the item that fills up 1 bag space and does absolutely nothing. much appreciated. @anole300#5837


  • botzlombebotzlombe Posts: 206 Arc User
    Any1 found a way to use it or is it simply broken item? It doesnt even have the option to add time/service service scrolls..
  • ichdummichdumm Posts: 370 Arc User
    edited January 20
    Sounds like the scroll you get out of recruit box. Right click too enable and then all NPC services are available where ever you are.
    This one(s) are broken ?

    So it look for Beginners:

    Ok it is in german but some things are familiar ;)

    First line, Active Service: Pet-Rename
  • botzlombebotzlombe Posts: 206 Arc User
    yap when u right click it nothing happens.
  • amarantosamarantos Posts: 3,057 Arc User
    i have played this game plenty long enough and since that item and the new character one has existed, i know how those work perfectly fine. the item in charge reward is NOT either of those items. it does nothing. @anole300#5837
  • ichdummichdumm Posts: 370 Arc User
    do not want to offend anyone :) Simply showing for the ones who did not know.

    Done a ticket ? Shop related things normally are done by support. (Others ...... )
  • nyxdeath001nyxdeath001 Posts: 94 Arc User
  • theworldbosstheworldboss Posts: 1 Arc User
    Hi Amarantos, I submitted a ticket report and apparently the support team couldn't identify the problem. I gave a simple solution: send the Ultimate Evocation scroll to whoever got the item through the "Charge Promo" system to make the exchange at NPC Ur Giane and this way get the item and all available services. So far I have not got the feedback, if there is any information I will update it here.
  • anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 783 Perfect World Employee
    It has been removed from the promo until further notice, pending investigation. We're investigating as to why it isn't working as intended. If you've been impacted, please contact support to get your charge points back.
  • armenthys#4925 armenthys Posts: 320 Arc User
    @anole you can send the ultimate evocation scrolls (should have item id since it comes for noobie players) and 2 add service scrolls so players can trade themselves for the customized evocation scroll.
  • galadhwen23galadhwen23 Posts: 167 Arc User
    too bad you only reply to cs related stuff and not to important matters *coughabusinghacksingamecough*
    Clyfar - divine priest
  • nyxdeath001nyxdeath001 Posts: 94 Arc User
  • almightysaintsalmightysaints Posts: 60 Arc User
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