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Casket for do cube

heinesenheinesen Posts: 200 Arc User
Do enione know how to get a casket for do cube i have google and there is no info eniwhere. Its a part of the Diventy quest?

Best Answers

  • shishieru#8498 shishieru Posts: 433 Arc User
    Accepted Answer
    Do quests in any room, Wealth, or another. Eventually you will get a casket and will be able to enter. If you fail any room inside the Trial, you will need to acquiere another Casket. And yes, some people need to pass stage in the trial in order to finish Brakthrough quest, wich is randoom.
  • botzlombebotzlombe Posts: 206 Arc User
    Accepted Answer
    Do rooms yah. If got high enough rating in it u get a casket. You can gain a lot of em when u do different rooms every week.


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