Halloween Mystery Gift Voting Ends 10/26! ** RESULTS **

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------------------ Reminder ------------------
Don't miss your chance to vote for the Halloween Mystery Gift!

Voting ends Saturday, October 26 @ 11:59 PM PT!

We have hidden special gifts with each Halloween themed item. Three of the gifts are treats, BUT one is a trick! The gift all players receive will be decided by which Halloween item has the most votes at the end of the event!

Cast your votes here:

After this poll closes we will reveal the items hidden in each location, then the winning gift will be delivered via code to all players (including EU) in approximately two weeks.

---------------------------- RESULTS ----------------------------

Many votes were cast for the mystery gift, lets take a look at the voting breakdown!

Mystery Location --- Votes --- Hidden Reward

Jack-o-Lantern --- 196 --- Paleblue Crystal x8 **** WINNER ****

Purple Monster --- 172 --- Starlight Giftpack

Pirate Skull --- 124 --- Deluxe Gem Pack

Candy Corn --- 99 --- Red Flame Stone x3, Blue Ice Stone x4

Please enjoy the following code:


The code contains:
•Paleblue Crystal x8
•Sugarlicious Candy x6
**added** Gem Grand Pack – Ragefire III x2, Bloodstone III x2, Solarflare III x2, Eagleeye III, Goldspark III, Twilight III, Shattershard III
Apologies for the delay, the team was very busy with the expansion. Was able to add another item!

Reward Distribution:
•Please make sure to have mailbox space available before redeeming the code.
•Codes are redeemable once per account.
•Rewards are normally bound when received, please make sure to redeem on the intended character.
•This code will expire January 12, 2020.
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