Please add good amount re-id scrolls to orbs.
None orbs dont have good amount re-id scrolls, would be nice add good amount to all orbs, it just help cash shopers
make ids on gear.

Because only way get good amount re-id scrolls is from multi account doing check-in and/or making alts.
So cash shoper like me dont have time making multi account and/or creating alts, so I prefer just buy orbs

I think its good idea that will help players who don't have much time to play


  • duskofdoom
    duskofdoom Posts: 141 Arc User
    Rainbow dream orbs gives 6 dark ame scrolls o;
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  • amarantos
    amarantos Posts: 3,067 Arc User
    cash shops but cant buy scrolls for like 75s a piece :flushed: do you even cs?!
  • cosmos#8789
    cosmos#8789 Posts: 54 Arc User
    actually in EU servers there are 40s dark ametyst scrolls per o.o
  • sylzaree
    sylzaree Posts: 26 Arc User
    There is that orb that gives 20 coins, 1k wargod pts coins, which u can use to trade wargod pts for reid scrolls, its far better that popping reid scrolls in orb...
  • bloodreaperfw
    bloodreaperfw Posts: 79 Arc User
    in storm server, re-id scrolls are 3 gold each >:)
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  • zyrrah42
    zyrrah42 Posts: 63 Arc User
    check in alts x 8 = 240 dark amethyst scrolls every 18 days, takes me 5 minutes each day to check in one account of alts...... put stuff in orbs that is harder to get, keen essence, hard essence, more mastery and resist scrolls, and other things that are useful