Let us move to other servers

altazero Posts: 25 Arc User
hi all, since FW dont want a merge, at least they should let us move our toons to others servers if we want.
Other games have this option, some need to use money some not, and i wouldnt mind paying for it really if that mean leave my dead server.

What you guys think?


  • idontneedanick
    idontneedanick Posts: 49 Arc User
    I would do that. :)
  • deathgod123456
    deathgod123456 Posts: 309 Arc User
    edited October 2019
    I would love it eydras dead and plus id love to move to a server that makes it easier to build characters
  • cosmos#8789
    cosmos#8789 Posts: 54 Arc User
    I agree let us move to other servers notice us !!!
  • turtlerr
    turtlerr Posts: 60 Arc User
  • vampire#2790
    vampire#2790 Posts: 516 Arc User
    Vamp disagree, this is a bad idea. Your fault for killing your own server, we don't want you potentially on our server to eventually do the same thing :D. Besides, wouldn't happen cause duplicate name issues, potential transfer issues, way database is set up, etc.
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  • almightysaints
    almightysaints Posts: 72 Arc User
    edited February 2020
    Yes, Lets pick server to move to Eryda Is dead.