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Dual SP tree bug with inheritor

I am now able to start a thread so here...
The character the inheritor is from is a priest with dual trees (Virtue main tree) and I was on Gate 6 (lv70 sp) or there abouts on the inheritor when I took the dual sp quest. The inheritor is an assassin with main tree being Vice. I'm not sure if I did anything out of order or what but the quest is now bugged/glitched and I am unable to abandon the quest. The quest line is now at "Break the Barrier/Open Dyos' Virtue".


  • ianz#5621 ianz Posts: 2 Arc User
    You can solve it by making another inheritance , then spending 500 tofs to instant lvl up to lvl 95. and this time, pick dyos first to unlock. That way nyos can be unlocked without bug. Apparently only using the 500 tofs to instant lvl 95 gives u the quest to unlock nyos or dyos first.
  • dorvysiadorvysia Posts: 3 Arc User
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