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Unable to use this name?

ossoenossoen Posts: 1 Arc User
Planned to go back to the game after long break, but apparently every name I can think of (no matter how normal/semi-normal/ridiculous it is) is already taken, therefore I'm "unable to use it". I already spend about ~20 minutes trying different names. What the heck I'm supposed to do here? Is this a bug? Or am I just that unlucky?


  • copolong#9918 copolong Posts: 405 Arc User
    Is a dying game where they only want to take money from people, the rest they don't care, bugs, exploits, cheats, whatever, I recommend you to run away from here. Servers are dying each day, no future here if you want a game to have fun.
  • putkiputki Posts: 32 Arc User
    It's not bug, there is just thousands alts and people making them more and more everyday. Try some longer name and it should success with some luck xD
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