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  • putkiputki Posts: 32 Arc User
    Precision is pure support tree
    Need earth mastery
    Least 85 wisdom needed, I recommend get 3x Spray Bullet
    Some people build precision with high fervor instead wisdom to get extra crit chance.

    + Nice debuffs
    + Decent damage
    + Give more damage for whole raid
    + Extreme control in PvP, probably strongest single control tree in game
    - Weak because lack of self heals so better build it tankier than soul for PvP
    - Need always good team with you
    - Easy to learn but hard to master in PvP

    Solo PvE ***
    PVE *****
    PvP ****

    Burst is aoe and mostly pve tree
    Need both masteries
    Use fervor rune energy (I recommend get burning rage rune and some boost to aoe skills)
    + Good self heals
    + Fast and strong aoe skills
    + Easy to learn
    + Works much better on bot than others markman trees
    - Very few controls in PvP
    - Weak in PvP
    - Need both masteries so its expensive in that way

    PVE *****
    Single PVE *****
    PvP * (works fine only in mass PvP and even then if you got personnal healer) // compared to other trees

    Soul is pure PvP talent
    Need Fire mastery
    Need correct runes and high nature rune energy must

    + Extreme tanky (Soul can reset cooldown on shield and selfheal with runes constantly)
    + Skill with 6 hits, good to destroy shields and make nuke damage in PvP
    + Most skills stun in PvP
    - No aoe skills (if you don't count salvo, penetrating shot and burning swirl which all trees have)
    - Need correct runes and very high rune energy
    - Lowest damage tree on pve
    - Need always keep eyes on bullets, you run fast out of them and if you build bullets always when possible you waste your shield reset and self healing skills.
    - Hard to master

    PvP *****
    Solo PvE ***
    PvE *

    To question "what tree is the best?" you need try them all and decide yourself because it all depends about your playing style and more important is do you enjoy play on it.
    I have tried all markman trees multiple times in last 7+ years and will change it again sooner or later if i get bored to current tree or there will be patch with changes.

    Best advice what i can give is try and learn.
    Orzog - Illyfye
    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2pdYOgT7-J8Zvd_zfIAtcA - Orzog The Dwarf YouTube Channel
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