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dakota79 Posts: 11 Arc User
Thats all what u know?Bored events with bored rewards?Its an anniversary!! U have no imaginations?Or why dont steal ideas from other games for event prizes?Like:time limited wings with u can teleport instant to any npc-s in town,or full gear set with different looks as in game,or unique wings,mounts,maybe anni fashions whats not in game,or not in orbs in the future(i said unique) or maybe give everything in the butique for soul leaves for only 1 days!!Give something special-unique its an anniversary!!After so many years we get worst and lame rewards and seems no one cares. U all do a very poor job. Sry for my bad english (Hasish from Illyfue)


  • bloodreaperfw
    bloodreaperfw Posts: 79 Arc User
    whoa...easy there bud, there are no cheaters here.. only good and bad players who don't know about certain classes strength and weakness.
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  • childishsmile
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    We be honest the cash system need be set to one money since it pwe should be the dollar then everyone on same level then there wont be all this harshness from all euro players