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Is it ok too talk down too people in pm regarding a person's sexual orientation on FW?

I was trying too sell a fashion set today and of course there were the troll pm's for no reason, and then there was this guy/girl. There seem's too be high amount of BR player's on LH server who are against being ' LGBTQ ', now that is w.e with me, too each their own right BUT is it ok too harass people about it in pm? http://i63.tinypic.com/1hcqhd.png Thank you for reading *.*

Is it ok too talk down too people in pm regarding a person's sexual orientation on FW? 13 votes

buffybombangelheadleigh70unitiaradrieltigeravemicca1976#0699hirameraa#1337 8 votes
No comment
keks117 1 vote
I'm BR and I'm against the LGBTQ community
It's 2019 get over it already
botzlombenyxdeath001 2 votes
LGBTQ and proud
gio#4911 1 vote
I think people like this should be banned.
shishieru#8498 1 vote


  • buffybombbuffybomb Posts: 182 Arc User
    Nope, that's definitely not okay. It's actually against the terms of service.

    15.1You must observe these Terms, all Rules of Conduct, all applicable laws and all basic rules of etiquette and common courtesy when using the Service. Any conduct that violates the law in an offline, real world community is also a violation of these terms. We will not tolerate any illegal or offensive conduct.

    15.2Without limiting the foregoing, in addition to the User Content rules set forth in Section 16, you agree not to take any of the following actions:

    f. “stalk,” threaten or otherwise harass or cause discomfort to another;

    16.4You agree not to post, upload to, transmit, distribute, store, create or otherwise publish any of the following:

    a. User Content that is unlawful, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, indecent, lewd, suggestive, harassing, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory, fraudulent or otherwise objectionable;

    And then there's this part, which seems like it refers to Neverwinter specifically, but I imagine it goes for FW as well.

    32. Foundry terms of user

    You may not use New Game Materials to convey any profanity, vulgarity, hate language, explicit sexual language, derogatory references to race, gender, religion, age, mental or physical impairment, obesity or sexual orientation, or reference any drugs (legal or illicit) or medication.

    But even if it wasn't against the terms of service, it would still not be okay if you ask me.
  • micca1976#0699 micca1976 Posts: 38 Arc User
    What is : "BR" and "KKK"?
  • micca1976#0699 micca1976 Posts: 38 Arc User
    What is : "BR" and "KKK"?
  • gio#4911 gio Posts: 789 Arc User
    LGBTQ and proud
    Well, even though there is a Tos for that, the lack of moderation during the past years, allows these situations to happen.

    What is right or wrong, what is banable what is not, its not for me to judge anyway.

    I have witnessed diferent kinds of cyberbullying in this game during the years, tbh i really don't have the need to waste my free time bearing grudges cause there is no reason to get hurt towards someone i will ever meet, but some people are more emotional than others and this game can overstress us sometimes, in that case just try to channel that inner rage into smtg productive ;) make a pizza and beat that pasta hard for example, you will get fed and stress relieved.

    'I had a dream that I was one, that became two, that became one again.
    I looked through my dark half's eyes and knew, the hunt must end.
    Now we shall see...what lies at the dream's end.' UrVa, the Archer

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