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Chinese New Year Mystery Envelope Event 2/5 - 2/11 *RESULTS*

anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 698 Perfect World Employee

Chinese New Year Mystery Envelope Results!

There were a ton of votes cast for the different pig envelopes, but which one did you all choose as your favorite? Let’s check out the results:

**** Voting Results and Mystery Items ****

Mustache PigPaleblue Crystal x3 – 340 votes
Glasses PigGrand Lv1 Rune Pack x3 – 270 votes
Large Hat & Bow PigMystic Lv4 Rune Pack x3 – 273 votes
Smaller Hat PigSource Essence Shard x3 – 160 votes

******* Mustache Pig is the winning envelope! *******

Please enjoy the following code:


This code contains the following items:
• Paleblue Crystal x3

--- Reward Distribution ---
• Please make sure to have mailbox space available before redeeming the code.
• Codes are redeemable once per account.
• Rewards are normally bound when received, please make sure to redeem on the intended character.
• This code will expire 3/3/19


  • anasilva991anasilva991 Posts: 782 Arc User
    edited February 22
    hey, thx for code.

    on the book we get from Spring festival kirins, it mentions another part of the event coming on 22 February, so far nothing is happening on Illyfue but there is a new npc, we cant click or do anything there, is this intended?

    'I had a dream that I was one, that became two, that became one again.
    I looked through my dark half's eyes and knew, the hunt must end.
    Now we shall see...what lies at the dream's end.' UrVa, the Archer

  • roguematrixroguematrix Posts: 5 Arc User
    yes the NPC didnt work and curious about the Stay Online event too

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